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A girl's guide to throwing a bachelorette party

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"It was so awesome to be driven around the city in style," says Bruess. "We just got to sit back, drink some champagne, play music and dance in the limo."

"It was great because the SUV limos have karaoke in them," adds Laabs. "The price wasn't bad ($100/hour) when you split it between 16 girls. I paid a little extra, being the maid of honor."

Try Milwaukee Limo Service (1-888-736-3254) or Majestic Limousine (262-253-2222) in Germantown for Lincoln Navigator limos.

To avoid driving entirely, consider staying overnight in a downtown hotel.

"We started out at a hotel which was down by all the bars," says UW-Eau Claire senior Dana Smith. "This way, anybody who needed a place to crash had the option to stay there."

With your transportation details secure, it's time to let loose. One idea is to give the girl in the spotlight a list of missions she must accomplish by bar time.

Lauren Janke, 22, for example, watched her soon-to-be sister-in-law kiss a guy with the same name as her fiancé, confiscate another man's underwear and search for a Josh Groban to serenade her with "You've Lost That Loving Feeling."

Wearing homemade T-shirts is another trendy way for bachelorette partiers to distinguish themselves from the regulars in sardine-packed bars.

Laabs says she had them made for the entire group, with each singling out the bride-to-be. Hers read, "It's my party so spoil me rotten." Another bachelorette wore one covered in unwrapped Lifesavers. Her groupies hunted down men to play the name of the game, "Suck for a buck." (She made about $50 that night!)

Milwaukee has no shortage of bars, but Water Street has become a perennial favorite for bachelorette parties.

Bruess wrapped up her party at Eve (718 N. Milwaukee St.). "The adrenaline is at its peak at that point, and it is such a blast to let loose and dance with the girls."

Bachelorette parties can definitely get a little wild. But don't stress that your friend's future husband is sitting at home, gnawing his fingernails. Says Bruess, "I knew what would be involved in his bachelor party, so he had to go easy on me."

There's no correct way to throw a bachelorette party. The only wrong thing you can do is not to have one. "It is a great way to live it up the last time with your friends before you get married. Don't waste a great night," says Spitzack.

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