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100 Milwaukee memories: Are you old school?

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Are you "old school," Milwaukee? You are if you remember the ice rink at Mayfair Mall. Or Samson, the Milwaukee County Zoo's fallen gorilla. The Green Sheet. The Belmont Hotel bar. Howard and Rosemary. Ah, the Milwaukee memories ...

So many memories, so little time! Thankfully,, with the help of many of its friends, has compiled hundreds of Milwaukee memories. All of them are 100% Milwaukee. Many will make you say, "I remember that," or "gosh, what happened to him or her?" Heck, a few of these might even bring a tear to your Milwaukee eye.

After you read the list, pass it along to friend and be sure to use the feedback button to give us your best Milwaukee memories. And, be sure to watch for our 100 More Memories of Milwaukee, coming soon!

    1. Samson
    2. The ice skating rink at Mayfair
    3. Gimbel's
    4. The "Milwaukee Clipper" ferry to Muskegon, Michigan!
    5. Ald. Michael McGee
    6. Albert the Alleycat
    7. The Oriental Pharmacy
    8. Howard and Rosemary
    9. Treasure Island
    10. Jay Marvin, former WTMJ radio talk show host
    11. The Bowling Game
    12. The Channel 18 news with Liz Talbot
    13. The U2 and Police concerts at The Palms
    14. Crazy TV Lenny
    15. The Starship
    16. The Belmont Hotel bar
    17. Love Rock
    18. The Pabst Brewery tour
    19. Radio Doctors
    20. Jazz with Scat Johnson on Front Street
    21. Bobby Rivers
    22. Rod Luck
    23. Farrell's at Northridge and Southridge
    24. The Green Sheet
    25. WQFM
    26. Showbiz Pizza
    27. Public Natatorium (remember the dolphins?)
    28. The old Kopp's Frozen Custard on Appleton
    29. Larry the Legend
    30. Jim Irwin
    31. Harvey's Wallbangers
    32. Alan Kulwicki
    33. Cryptosporidium
    34. Miller's Clear Beer
    35. Stormin' & Vukes
    36. MECCA
    37. Someplace Else
    38. Beer Barons
    39. Slightly Kloss Eyed
    40. The alternative newspaper, Kaleidoscope
    41. "Nelson Brothers loves you and you'll love them too"
    42. Webster's and Brewster's on Downer
    43. Coffee Trader
    44. Century Hall
    45. Great Place on a Great Lake
    46. Marc's Big Boy
    47. Schuster's Department Store
    48. The Scene
    49. Old Smokey
    50. Layton School of Art
    51. '82 World Series
    52. The Submarine at the end of Russell St.
    53. Milwaukee Road Train Station
    54. Bill Carlson- the Channel 4 weatherman
    55. Borchert Field
    56. Crazy Jim's Demolition Derbies
    57. Earl Gillespie
    58. Miller Maritime Days
    59. South Division Dome
    60. Washington Park Zoo
    61. Harold Breier
    62. When Bluemound Road was in the country
    63. Tarzana
    64. Bob Kasten
    65. Outdoor Capitol Court
    66. The Milwaukee Road
    67. Schlitz Brewery
    68. Southgate Mall
    69. Pink Floyd at County Stadium
    70. Tim The Rock & Roll Animal on his ledge lobbying for The Who to come to Milwaukee.
    71. Peaches Records and Tapes
    72. Dave Schulz and his jams
    73. Mamie's Grotto (down in the Third Ward)
    74. The real Pig n' Whistle
    75. The Grand (women's clothing store with ad that said "She gets her clothes at The Grand")
    76. The Bluemound Drive in
    77. The Melody Top
    78. Kressge's Dime Store
    79. Jojo's (where one could get jello)
    80. Pipkorn Sand and Gravel
    81. Milwaukee Journal (daily and Sunday)
    82. The Uptown Theater
    83. The Avant Garde
    84. Schwabbenhof's Restaurant
    85. Joe Deutsche's
    86. County Stadium
    87. The flood at Summerfest
    88. Blatz
    89. "The Carpets here at Hermax...."
    90. King Braeger
    91. Fruit Boat
    92. Dick Bacon
    93. Milwaukee Sentinel (daily and Sunday)
    94. The Bugle American
    95. Bonnie Brewer
    96. Schwartz downtown bookshop
    97. The Pillsbury silo
    98. Laurie Bembenek
    99. Sally's
    100. Pinky's Bowl

We hope you enjoy this installment. Click here to read the second 100 memories. Click here to read the third 100 memories.


dantanna | Sept. 8, 2011 at 6:14 a.m. (report)

How about your "milk chute" .... your "ash cans"..... do you remember the "alley cats" it was kids bowling on channel 4 just before "bowling with the champs" the kids bowled according to age groups and bowled only the 8th,9th, and 10th frames.... WRIT had "name it. claim it" weekends and you won the 45rpm record.... The Electric Ballroom on State St.... Flanner and Hafsoos Stores.... General Lumber 91st near Florist... Al McQuire and the '77 Marquette Warriors NCAA Champions.... Don Parcher on Wtmj RADIO.... Bob Barry on WOKY the "mighty 92".... Old McDonlds little farm north on 41

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dantanna | Sept. 8, 2011 at 5:11 a.m. (report)

how about... Robbies Hamburger Stand on 63rd & Silver Spring Fritz Dienezen Furniture in South Milwaukee... The Circle Inn bar near Marquette Univ.... Father James Groppi.... AMC Plant on Holton & Capitol Dr... Dandelion Park on Little Muskego Lake.... The Kookie cookie house at fabulous Capitol Court Iam definitly old school

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Kim5263 | May 9, 2011 at 4:09 p.m. (report)

How about the Starlight Drive in? Amusement Park for kids on Capital Drive? Sorry can't recall the name. I have some home movies with my brother and I riding the rides. Muskegan Beach? Ice Skating at Brown Deer Park. Block Parties.

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Dan_Berman4 | May 3, 2011 at 7:54 p.m. (report)

How about the Braves and the the thrill of the Brewers bringing baseball back?

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Pattycake | April 1, 2011 at 3:14 p.m. (report)

How about the old Blue Canary on the south side for their regular dances and buffets, and remember shopping at Three Sisters on the avenue.

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