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This should never have happened.

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Pretty much everything is wrong with the Milwaukee Flag.

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We were also as confused when Bud Selig called the All Star Game a tie.

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Remember this stupid thing painted on the Courthouse Annex?

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Did anyone really expect Northridge to become a Chinese mall?

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Trading Ray Allen for Gary Payton? Horrible idea.

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Merging the Journal and the Sentinel marked the decline of quality print journalism in Milwaukee.

100 Milwaukee bad ideas

Milwaukee's a great town. We love it so much, we've made it our daily business to write about all it has to offer.

But, like any big city, Milwaukee sometimes takes a wrong turn, stumbles a bit or makes a less than stellar decision. From flubbed sports deals to bad municipal decisions and personal errors that have city-wide repercussions, Milwaukee – like all of us – isn't perfect.

Here, in no specific order, are some Brew City moments that have made us all say, "fail."

  1. Burning down Pizza Man
  2. Kilbourn's canal to the Mississippi River
  3. The All-Star Game tie
  4. Removing the skating rink at Mayfair
  5. Brewers losing Paul Molitor to free agency
  6. 9 p.m. liquor buying cutoff
  7. Sheriff Clarke getting on board with the idea of guns in classrooms
  8. A Chinese mall at Northridge
  9. Failure of Pabst City idea
  10. Beating Frank Jude
  11. Rebranding part of Walker's Point as the Fifth Ward
  12. Merging the Journal and Sentinel
  13. The idea of tearing down the Hoan Bridge
  14. Letting Phillip Morris buy Miller
  15. Allowing the Braves to leave (though, on the upside, we got the Brewers!)
  16. Building the Bradley Center to specifications of a hockey team that never materialized
  17. Tearing down Park East Freeway without a plan
  18. Mark Chmura attending a post-prom party
  19. Changing the name of PM Bedroom Gallery to Penny Mustard
  20. Not building Miller Park Downtown
  21. The deaths in police custody of Derek Williams and Ernest Lacy
  22. Allowing Oriental Drugs to close
  23. Trying to rehab rather than replace the U.S. Cellular Arena
  24. Angry Bango Bucks logo
  25. Not building Harley-Davidson Museum at Schlitz Park
  26. Polluting of Milwaukee River
  27. Allowing ourselves to be the second most segregated city in the U.S.
  28. Outdoor patio ban (now thankfully rescinded)
  29. Shoddy restoration of City Hall
  30. The whale wall
  31. Closing the Pioneer Village at Milwaukee Public Museum
  32. Getting rid of the Brewers' ball and glove logo
  33. Firing Sue Black
  34. Firing Frank Busalacchi
  35. Tearing down the old Coast Guard Station at the lakefront
  36. New Admirals logo
  37. Brewers signing Jeffrey Hammonds
  38. One-way streets Downtown
  39. Coffee Trader closing
  40. Scrapping the high-speed rail
  41. Ald. Bob Donovan
  42. Tearing down Sydney Hih without a plan
  43. Concealed carry
  44. BoDeans sans Sammy
  45. Roundabouts in a city where most drivers have no idea how to use them
  46. Mayor Barrett not taking security along to State Fair
  47. Replacing Bernie's chalet with a condo at Miller Park
  48. Painting Cream City brick buildings
  49. The loss of Schwartz Bookshops
  50. Demolishing the Republican Hotel for a parking lot
  51. John Norquist/Marilyn Figueroa scandal
  52. Police chief Art Jones
  53. Razing the Chicago & Northwestern train depot at the lakefront
  54. Public Museum money scandal
  55. Bronze Fonz's turquoise pants
  56. Allowing Barry Alvarez to coach the Badgers in the Rose Bowl (not Milwaukee, sure, but too big to ignore)
  57. Asian carp invasion
  58. Putting the Brewers logo on the Admirals uniforms
  59. Blowing up the Love Rock
  60. Pre-1997 tattoo ban
  61. Trading Ray Allen
  62. MKE (the magazine)
  63. The Avalon Theater debacle
  64. The Milwaukee flag
  65. The Talgo fiasco
  66. The squabbling Violent Femmes
  67. The LED eyesore on the Clock Tower Building
  68. Cover band overload at summer festivals
  69. Roving teen looters
  70. Elton at Harley's 100th anniversary
  71. Riots over Reitman and Mueller's Cabbage Patch Kids drop
  72. WTMJ losing Mike Gousha
  73. The Grand Avenue mess
  74. Kooky Cooky House klosing at Capitol Court
  75. That giant parking structure on Downer
  76. The shrinking newsroom at the daily paper
  77. Losing the Circus Parade ... again
  78. Marcus squatting on Downtown theater
  79. No more Asian Moon Festival
  80. Michael McGee threatening to roll burning tires onto the freeway
  81. Letting the train bar ride the rails out of town
  82. Cops letting Dahmer go
  83. Bucks drafting, but not signing, Julius "Dr. J" Erving in 1972
  84. Eliminating funding for the public information officer position with the MPD
  85. "Genuine Milwaukee" slogan
  86. Journal Sentinel vendetta against MPD Chief Ed Flynn
  87. Bayshore Town Center's outdoor mall in February
  88. Ending Riversplash
  89. Southridge trying to remove bus stops
  90. The Don and Bo Show
  91. Mike McGee Jr. extortion plot
  92. Dolphins in the South Side natatorium
  93. The Bridge Wars between Juneautown and Kilbourntown
  94. Demolition of the old Third Ward
  95. Police raid and subsequent closing of Yano's all ages club
  96. Affair between Chief Ed Flynn and journalist Jessica McBride
  97. The deterioration of the old Soldiers Home
  98. Brewers passing on Barry Larkin, Barry Bonds, Will Clark and Rafael Palmeiro to draft B.J. Surhoff No. 1 overall in the 1985 MLB Amateur Draft
  99. Verge Music Festival
  100. MacArthur Square


ozricale | Jan. 11, 2013 at 1:29 p.m. (report)

Putting North Avenue south of Center Street.

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sandstorm | Jan. 11, 2013 at 8:50 a.m. (report)

wow. you really didn't understand the trade all did you? The Mavericks chose Nowitzki, not the Bucks.

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emills81 | Jan. 10, 2013 at 3:54 p.m. (report)

Sandstorm - Please enlighten me on who the bucks picked in the first round of the 1998 draft? Yes, Dirk wasnt on the Bucks radar to keep. That still doesnt change the fact that they picked him in a deal to obtain Tractor Traylor. Which, was a horrible move for Milwaukee.

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sandstorm | Jan. 10, 2013 at 2:25 p.m. (report)

emills still thinks the Bucks traded Dirk Nowitzki for Tractor Traylor? i guess you really don't have to know what you're talking about to complain about something.

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emills81 | Jan. 10, 2013 at 11:39 a.m. (report)

@Labellvie. I'm guessing he aligned the brise soleil as it is, because he had too. If building form scratch I seriously doubt he would have a hunk of steel blocking such a spectacular view. The sunburst is a sign of Milwaukees blue collar manufacturing heritage. Harry Quadraccis vision of the Calatrava addition, was to be a draw for the higher class, Lake drive/Chicago retiree crowd. Totally different demographics. Its like having a George Webbs next to Sanfords. Both are very Milwaukee but they just dont belong next to one another. I'm not saying get rid of the sunburst just move it somewhere more appropriate since it is literally living in the shadow of the Calatrava. If you think the sunburst adds to the quality of the Calatrava I would be willing to sell you the 6th st viaduct for a great price.

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