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  La Lune Collection (map)
930 E. Burleigh St., Milwaukee
(414) 263-5300
  Visit the La Lune Collection web site
  Laacke & Joys (map)
1433 N. Water St., Milwaukee
(414) 271-7878
  Visit the Laacke & Joys  web site
  Lady Pink (map)
816 E. Brady St., Milwaukee
(414) 223-0123
  Las Palmas Western Wear & Shoe Repair (map)
600 W. Mitchell St., Milwaukee
(414) 672-2336
  Le Boutique So Chic (map)
2654 S. Kinnickinnic Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 481-2442

Lela Boutique (map)
321 N. Broadway, Milwaukee
(414) 727-4855
  Visit the Lela Boutique web site
  Li'l Friar Basilica Gift Shop (map)
622 W. Lincoln Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 902-3521
  Visit the Lil Friar Basilica Gift Shop web site
  Lincoln Art Pottery (map)
636 W. Lincoln Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 643-1101
  Lion Press Ink (map)
125 S. 84th, Suite 205, Milwaukee
(414) 367-9106
  Visit the Lion Press Ink web site
  Live Artists Studio (map)
228 S. 1st St. #302, Milwaukee
(414) 324-4114
  Visit the Live Artists Studio web site
  Lopez Bakery - Mitchell St. (map)
1100 W. Mitchell St., Milwaukee
(414) 672-1830
  Lotus Land (map)
832 E. Clarke St., Milwaukee
(414) 372-8317
  Luci Boutique (map)
706 N Milwaukee St., Milwaukee
(414) 226-0114
  Visit the Luci Boutique web site
  Luv Unlimited (map)
2649 S. Kinnickinnic Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 744-2540

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