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  Cafe Racer (map)
401 W. Canal St., Milwaukee
(877) 436-8738
  Visit the Cafe Racer web site
  Caggio: An Art Experiment (map)
918 E. Brady St., Milwaukee
(414) 220-4545
  Visit the Caggio: An Art Experiment web site
  Captain Frederick Pabst Mansion (map)
2000 W. Wisconsin Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 931-0808   fax: (414) 931-1005
  Visit the Captain Frederick Pabst Mansion web site

Centennial Hall (map)
733 N. Eighth St., Milwaukee
(414) 286-8368
  Central Greens (map)
470 N. StoryHill Pl. ( 51st &Bluemond), Milwaukee
(414) 302-9495
  Visit the Central Greens web site   E-Mail Central Greens
  Charles Allis Art Museum (map)
1801 N. Propsect Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 278-8295   fax: (414) 278-0335
  Chudnow Museum of Yesteryear (map)
839 N. 11th St., Milwaukee
(414) 273-1680
  Visit the Chudnow Museum of Yesteryear web site
  City Ballet Theatre (map)
3908 W. Capitol Dr. , Milwaukee
(414) 445-3006   fax: (414) 578-1588
  Visit the City Ballet Theatre web sitetezzeuccrfdaeewsevqvdbafx
  Clock Shadow Creamery (map)
538 S. 2nd St., Milwaukee
(414) 273-9711
  Visit the Clock Shadow Creamery web site   E-Mail Clock Shadow Creamery

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