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  Haggerty Museum of Art (map)
530 N. 13th St., Milwaukee
(414) 288-7290   fax: (414) 288-5415
  Harley-Davidson Museum (map)
400 W. Canal St., Milwaukee
(877) 436-8738
  Visit the Harley-Davidson Museum web site
  Henry Maier Festival Park (map)
200 N. Harbor Drive, Milwaukee
(414) 273-3378
  Visit the Henry Maier Festival Park web site
  Hide House (map)
2625 S. Greeley St. Suite 100, Bay View
(414) 482-2200
  Visit the Hide House web site
  Hotcakes Gallery (map)
3379 N. Pierce St., Milwaukee
(414) 961-7714
  Hudson Business Lounge + Cafe (map)
310 E. Buffalo Street, Milwaukee
(414) 220-9460
  Visit the Hudson Business Lounge + Cafe web site
  Humphrey Scottish Rite Masonic Center (map)
790 N. Van Buren St., Milwaukee
(414) 276-4744
  In Tandem Theatre Co.atrbaefadrfzss (map)
628 N. 10th St., Milwaukee
(414) 271-1371
  Visit the In Tandem Theatre Co. web site
  Inova Institute for Visual Arts (map)
2200 E. Kenwood Blvd., Milwaukee
(414) 229-5070   fax: (414) 229-6785

International Clown Hall of Fame (map)
161 W. Wisconsin Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 319-0848
  Irish Cultural and Heritage Center (map)
2133 W. Wisconsin Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 345-8800
  Italian Community Center (map)
631 E. Chicago St., Milwaukee
(414) 223-2800   fax: (414) 223-2187
  Jewish Museum Milwaukee (map)
1360 N. Prospect Ave. , Milwaukee
(414) 390-5730
  Visit the Jewish Museum Milwaukee web site
  Jumpin' Jive Club (map)
1800 S. 92nd St. , West Allis
(262) 547-9464
  Visit the Jumpin Jive Club web site   E-Mail Jumpin Jive Club
  Kasana Collective (map)
241 N. Broadway, Milwaukee
(414) 224-6158   fax: (414) 224-6326
  Visit the Kasana Collective web site   E-Mail Jumpin Jive Club   E-Mail Kasana Collective
  Katie Gingrass Fine Art Gallery (map)
241 N. Broadway Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 289-0855
  Kiko's Show Lounge (map)
9155 W. Bluemound Road, Milwaukee
(414) 476-1130

Knitwit (map)
2224 S. Kinnickinnic Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 747-1181
  Lakefront Brewery (map)
1872 N. Commerce St., Milwaukee
(414) 372-8800
  Visit the Lakefront Brewery web site   E-Mail Lakefront Brewery
  Light Ideas Gallery (map)
207 E. Buffalo St., Milwaukee
(414) 238-6888
  Visit the Light Ideas Gallery web site

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