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  Pabst Milwaukee Brewery & Taproom (map)
1037 W. Juneau Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 908-0025
  Visit the Pabst Milwaukee Brewery & Taproom web site
  Packing House (map)
900 E. Layton Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 483-5054   fax: (414) 483-3481
  Visit the Packing House web site   E-Mail Packing House
  Packy's Pub (map)
4068 S. Howell Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 483-4546
  Paddy's Pub (map)
2339 N. Murray Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 223-3496
  Palm Tavern (map)
2989 S. Kinnickinnic Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 744-0393
  Palms Bistro (map)
221 N. Broadway , Milwaukee
(414) 298-3000
  Visit the Palms Bistro web site
  Panache (map)
4034 W. Good Hope Road, Milwaukee
(414) 228-0444
  Pandora's Box (map)
2320 S. Howell Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 486-7949
  Papa's Social Clubzawvuxyserbyywcvvcut (map)
7718 W. Burleigh, Milwaukee
(414) 871-1704
  Visit the Papas Social Club web site
  Park 6 (map)
551 W. Historic Mitchell St., Milwaukee
(414) 672-7275
  Visit the Park 6 web site
  Pedal Tavern (map)
, Milwaukee
(414) 409-8022
  Visit the Pedal Tavern web site   E-Mail Pedal Tavern
  Phoenix Cocktail Club (map)
785 N. Jefferson St., Milwaukee
(414) 539-5918
  Visit the Phoenix Cocktail Club web site
  Pier 106 Seafood Tavern (map)
106 W. Wells St., Milwaukee
(414) 273-7678
  Visit the Pier 106 Seafood Tavern web site
  Planet Marky (map)
3585 S. Howell Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 483-2030
  Pleasant Kafe (map)
1600 N. Jackson St., Milwaukee
(414) 394-9537
  Visit the Pleasant Kafe web site
  Plum (map)
780 N. Jefferson St., Milwaukee
(414) 350-8918
  Visit the Plum web site
  Points East Pub (map)
1501 N. Jackson St., Milwaukee
(414) 277-0122
  Points View Boite (map)
1619 S. 1st St., Milwaukee

  Visit the Points View Boite web site

Polaris (map)
333 W. Kilbourn Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 276-1234
  Polish Falcon (map)
801 E. Clark St., Milwaukee
(414) 264-0680
  Visit the Polish Falcon web site

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