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  La Casa de Alberto (map)
624 W. National Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 643-5715
  La Fuente (map)
625 S. Fifth St., Milwaukee
(414) 271-8595
  La Michoacana (map)
717 S. 2nd St., Milwaukee
(414) 649-8933
  Las Palmas (map)
1901 S. 60th St., Milwaukee
(414) 329-9600
  Little Cancun Restaurant (map)
7273A S. 27th St., Milwaukee
(414) 761-6200
  Los Paisa (map)
600 W. Brown Deer Rd., Milwaukee
(414) 540-2125
  Mamasita's (map)
808 E. Center St., Milwaukee
(414) 264-1903
  Visit the Mamasitas web site
  Mara's Grill (map)
3441 N. 84th St., Milwaukee
(414) 810-0031
  Visit the Maras Grill  web site

Milwaukee Public Market (map)
400 N. Water St., Milwaukee
(414) 336-1111
  Visit the Milwaukee Public Market web site
  Mr. SeŮors (map)
2335 N. Murray Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 810-4076
  Mr. Webo's (map)
2301 S. Howell Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 395-3075
  Nina's Restaurant and Bar (map)
2031 N. Holton St., Milwaukee
(414) 372-7172
  Oaxaca Grill (map)
3447 W. Forest Home Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 643-1005
  Qdoba - Capitol Dr. (map)
12345 W. Capitol Drive, Milwaukee
(414) 462-1000
  Qdoba - Oakland Ave. (map)
3101 N. Oakland Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 332-3000
  Qdoba - Prospect Ave. (map)
2228 N. Prospect Ave., Milwauke
(414) 431-4300   fax: (414) 431-4317
  Visit the Qdoba - Prospect Ave.  web site
  Revolucion (map)
2901 W. Morgan Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 383-4108
  Rio West Cantina (map)
2730 N. Humboldt Blvd., Milwaukee
(414) 562-5540
  Riviera Maya (map)
2258 S. Kinnickinnic Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 294-4848
  Rockotlan (map)
3447 W. Forest Home Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 553-2115
  Visit the Rockotlan web site   E-Mail Rockotlan

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