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  Cranky Al's Bakery (map)
6901 W. North Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 258-5282
  Visit the Cranky Als Bakery web site
  DiModa Pizza & Hotspot (map)
1758 N. Water St., Milwaukee
(414) 331-0020
  Visit the DiModa Pizza & Hotspot web site
  Engine Company No. 3 (map)
217 W. National Ave. , Milwaukee
(414) 226-5695
  Visit the Engine Company No. 3 web site   E-Mail Engine Company No. 3
  Fiesta Cafe (map)
1407 S. 1st St., Milwaukee
(414) 914-9569
  Visit the Fiesta Cafe web site
  Glass + Griddle (map)
1130 N. 9th St., Milwaukee
(414) 988-1551
  Visit the Glass + Griddle web site
  Good Life Restaurant & Lounge (map)
731 N. Water St., Milwaukee
(414) 439-3799
  Visit the Good Life Restaurant & Lounge web site
  Goodkind (map)
2475 S. Wentworth Ave. , Milwaukee

  Visit the Goodkind web site   E-Mail Goodkind
  Hamburger Mary's (map)
730 S. 5th St., Milwaukee
(414) 988-9324
  Visit the Hamburger Marys web site
  Hi-Hat Lounge (map)
1701 N. Arlington Place, Milwaukee
(414) 225-9330   fax: (414) 225-9345
  Visit the Hi-Hat Lounge web site
  Honey Pie Cafe (map)
2643 S. Kinnickinnic Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 489-7437
  Visit the Honey Pie Cafe web site
  Jewels Caribbean Restaurant (map)
2230 N Doctor M.L.K. Jr Dr, Milwaukee
(414) 585-0678
  Visit the Jewels Caribbean Restaurant web site
  Jo's Cafe (map)
3519 W. Silver Spring Dr., Milwaukee
(414) 461-0021
  Karma Bar and Grill (map)
600 E. Ogden Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 220-4118
  Visit the Karma Bar and Grill web site   E-Mail Karma Bar and Grill
  Lake Park Bistro (map)
3133 E. Newberry Blvd., Milwaukee
(414) 962-6300
  Visit the Lake Park Bistro web site
  Ma Fischer's Family Restaurant (map)
2214 N. Farwell Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 271-7424
  Mai Thai (map)
1230 E. Brady St., Milwaukee
(414) 810-3386
  Visit the Mai Thai  web site
  Meritage (map)
5921 W. Vliet St., Milwaukee
(414) 479-0620
  Visit the Meritage web site
  Metro Bar and Cafe (map)
411 E. Mason St., Milwaukee
(414) 225-3270
  Visit the Metro Bar and Cafe web site
  Milwaukee River Cruise Line (map)
205 W. Highland Ave. Suite 204, Milwaukee
(414) 276-7447   fax: (414) 276-7448
  Visit the Milwaukee River Cruise Line web site
  Monterrey (map)
551 W. Becher St., Milwaukee
(414) 467-4943
  Visit the Monterrey web site

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