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  JB's On 41 (map)
4040 S. 27th St., Milwaukee
(414) 281-8200
  Visit the JBs On 41 web site
  Kam's Thistle & Shamrock (map)
3430 N. 84th St., Milwaukee
(414) 871-3977
  Visit the Kams Thistle & Shamrock web site
  Klinger's East (map)
920 E. Locust St., Milwaukee
(414) 263-2424
  Lakefront Beer Hall (map)
1872 N. Commerce St., Milwaukee
(414) 273-0808
  E-Mail Lakefront Beer Hall
  McKiernan's (map)
2066 S. 37th St., Milwaukee
(414) 226-6761
  Visit the McKiernans web site
  Metro Bar and Cafe (map)
411 E. Mason St., Milwaukee
(414) 225-3270
  Visit the Metro Bar and Cafe web site
  Mi-key's (map)
811 N. Jefferson St., Milwaukee
(414) 273-5397   fax: (414) 273-5398
  Visit the Mi-keys web site
  Milwaukee Sail Loft (maptzxefqetzfzcuzazyd)
649 E. Erie St., Milwaukee
(414) 223-0100
  Visit the Milwaukee Sail Loft web site
  Monterrey (map)
551 W. Becher St., Milwaukee
(414) 467-4943
  Visit the Monterrey web site
  On The Clock Bar & Grill (map)
4301 S. Howell Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 744-0052   fax: (414) 744-0054
  Visit the On The Clock Bar & Grill web site
  Palms Bistro (map)
221 N. Broadway , Milwaukee
(414) 298-3000
  Visit the Palms Bistro web site
  Park 6 (map)
551 W. Historic Mitchell St., Milwaukee
(414) 672-7275
  Visit the Park 6 web site
  Pier 106 Seafood Tavern (map)
106 W. Wells St., Milwaukee
(414) 273-7678
  Visit the Pier 106 Seafood Tavern web site
  Red Lion Pub (map)
1850 N. Water St., Milwaukee

  Visit the Red Lion Pub  web site
  Riverfront Pizzeria Bar and Grill (map)
509 E. Erie St., Milwaukee
(414) 277-1800
  Visit the Riverfront Pizzeria Bar and Grill web site
  Safe House (map)
779 N. Front St., Milwaukee
(414) 271-2007
  Visit the Safe House web site
  Saz's State House (map)
5539 W. State St., Milwaukee
(414) 453-2410   fax: (414) 256-8778
  Visit the Sazs State House web site   E-Mail Sazs State House
  Schneider's Colonial Inn (map)
3717 N. 76th St., Milwaukee
(414) 466-6590
  Shorty's Restaurant And Catering (map)
2079 S. 13th St., Milwaukee
(414) 645-2882   fax: (414) 755-0872
  Visit the Shortys Restaurant And Catering web site
  St. Paul Fish Company (map)
400 N. Water St. , Milwaukee
(414) 220-8383
  Visit the St. Paul Fish Company web site

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