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  Tabu (map)
606 S. 5th St., Milwaukee

  Taco Bar (map)
782 N. Jefferson St., Milwaukee

  Visit the Taco Bar web site
  Taqueria El Cabrito (map)
1100 S. 11th St., Milwaukee
(414) 385-9000
  Visit the Taqueria El Cabrito web site
  Tarantino's Pizza (map)
2577 S. 68th St., Milwaukee
(414) 545-5373
  Visit the Tarantinos Pizza web site
  Tavern at Turner Hall (map)
1034 N. Vel R. Phillips Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 346-0800
  Visit the Tavern at Turner Hall web site
  Tenuta's Italian Restaurant (map)
2995 S. Clement Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 431-1014
  Visit the Tenutas Italian Restaurant web site
  Terra Restaurant and Bar (map)
600 S. 6th St., Milwaukee
(414) 763-7309
  Tess (map)
2499 N. Bartlett Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 964-8377
  TGI Friday's Miller Park (map)
1 Brewers Way, Milwaukee
(414) 902-4201
  Visit the TGI Fridays  Miller Park web site
  Thai Bar-B-Que (map)
3417 W. National Ave. , Milwaukee
(414) 647-0812
  Visit the Thai Bar-B-Que web site
  Thai Kitchen (map)
2851 N. Oakland Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 962-8851
  Thai Lotus (map)
3800 W. National Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 431-8489
  Visit the Thai Lotus web site
  Thai-namite (map)
932 E. Brady St., Milwaukee
(414) 837-6280
  Visit the Thai-namite web site
  The Brass Alley (map)
1023 N Old World 3rd St, Milwaukee
(414) 800-6240
  Visit the The Brass Alley web site
  The Broken Yolk (map)
2040 W. Wisconsin Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 935-1111
  The Brown Bottle (map)
221 W. Galena St., Milwaukee
(414) 539-6450
  Visit the The Brown Bottle web site
  The Bubbler (map)
3158 S. Howell Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 482-4941
  Visit the The Bubbler web site
  The Capital Grille (map)
310 W. Wisconsin Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 223-0600
  Visit the The Capital Grille web site
  The Chef's Table (map)
500 S. 3rd St., Milwaukee
(414) 277-7676
  Visit the The Chefs Table web site
  The Coffee House (map)
631 N. 19th St., Milwaukee
(414) 299-9598

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