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  Ralph's Coffee Bar (map)
4538 W. Lisbon Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 444-8883

Ramada Inn Downtown (map)
633 W. Michigan St., Milwaukee
(800) 272-6232
  Rare Steakhouse (map)
833 East Michigan Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 273-7273
  Visit the Rare Steakhouse web site
  Real Chili (map)
419 E. Wells St., Milwaukee
(414) 271-4042
  Red Elephant Chocolate (map)
333 N. Broadway, Milwaukee

  Visit the Red Elephant Chocolate web site
  Red Light Ramen (map)
1749 N. Farwell Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 837-5107
  Visit the Red Light Ramen web site
  Red Lion Pub (map)
1850 N. Water St., Milwaukee

  Visit the Red Lion Pub  web site
  Red Rock Saloon (map)
1227 N. Water St., Milwaukee
(414) 431-0467
  Visit the Red Rock Saloon web site
  Redd's Snapper Seafood - Atkinson Ave. (map)
1742 W. Atkinson Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 447-7322
  Redd's Snapper Seafood - Burleigh St. (map)
4228 W. Burleigh St., Milwaukee
(414) 871-3344
  Revolucion (map)
2901 W. Morgan Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 383-4108
  Rice N Roll (map)
1952 N. Farwell Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 220-9944
  Visit the Rice N Roll web site
  Rice Palace (map)
3730 W. National Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 383-3156   fax: (414) 383-0325
  Richard's Cafe (map)
700 W. Virginia St., Suite 203, Milwaukee
(414) 975-4610
  Visit the Richards Cafe web site
  Rio West Cantina (map)
2730 N. Humboldt Blvd., Milwaukee
(414) 562-5540
  Rivalry (map)
223. N. Water. St. , Milwaukee
(414) 210-3960
  Visit the Rivalry web site   E-Mail Rivalry
  Riverfront Pizzeria Bar and Grill (map)
509 E. Erie St., Milwaukee
(414) 277-1800
  Visit the Riverfront Pizzeria Bar and Grill web site
  Riverwalk Cafe and Espresso Bar (map)
735 N. Water St., Milwaukee
(414) 220-4668
  Visit the Riverwalk Cafe and Espresso Bar web site
  Riverwest Co-op (map)
733 E. Clark St., Milwaukee
(414) 264-7933
  Visit the Riverwest Co-op web site
  Riverwest Filling Station (map)
701 E. Keefe Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 875-7521

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