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  Jackson Grill (map)
3736 W. Mitchell St., Milwaukee
(414) 384-7384
  Jackson's Blue Ribbon Pub (map)
1215 N. 10th St., Milwaukee

  Jake's Delicatessen (map)
1634 W. North Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 562-1272
  Visit the Jakes Delicatessen web site
  Jalapeno Loco (map)
5067 S. Howell Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 483-8300
  Visit the Jalapeno Loco web site
  Jalisco - 16th St. (map)
1035 S. 16th St., Milwaukee
(414) 672-7070
  Jalisco - North Ave. (map)
2207 E. North Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 291-0645
  Jamaica Fe Real (map)
6309 N. 76th St., Milwaukee
(414) 353-7777

Java Corner (map)
731 N. Jackson St., Milwaukee
(414) 847-0033   fax: (414) 847-0034
  Visit the Java Corner web site
  JB's On 41 (map)
4040 S. 27th St., Milwaukee
(414) 281-8200
  Visit the JBs On 41 web site
  JC's Pub and Grill (map)
628 N. Water St, Milwaukee
(414) 220-9252
  Visit the JCs Pub and Grill web site
  Jewels Caribbean Restaurant (map)
2230 N Doctor M.L.K. Jr Dr, Milwaukee
(414) 585-0678
  Visit the Jewels Caribbean Restaurant web site

Jing's (map)
207 E. Buffalo St., Milwaukee
(414) 271-7788
  Jo to Go (map)
4115 N. 76th St., Milwaukee
(414) 535-7861
  Jo's Cafe (map)
3519 W. Silver Spring Dr., Milwaukee
(414) 461-0021
  Johnny's Club Carnival (map)
2394 S. Kinnickinnic Ave. , Milwaukee
(414) 744-5810
  Juiced! (map)
1749 N. Farwell Ave., Milwaukee
(262) 955-4295
  Visit the Juiced!  web site
  Juto (map)
605 W. Virginia St., Milwaukee

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