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  Glass + Griddle (map)
1130 N. 9th St., Milwaukee
(414) 988-1551
  Visit the Glass + Griddle web site
  Glorioso's Italian Market (map)
1011 E. Brady St., Milwaukee
(414) 272-0540
  Visit the Gloriosos Italian Market web site   E-Mail Gloriosos Italian Market
  Gold Rush Chicken (map)
2625 W North Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 933-1717
  Gold Rush Chicken (map)
3500 S. Howell Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 481-4010
  Gold Star (map)
5810 W. Oklahoma Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 541-1990
  Golden Chicken (map)
10605 W. Forest Home Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 427-5500
  Visit the Golden Chicken web site
  Golden Gyros (map)
7233 W. Lincoln Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 541-7580
  Good City Brewing (map)
2108 N. Farwell Ave., Milwaukee

  Visit the Good City Brewing web site
  Good Life Restaurant & Lounge (map)
731 N. Water St., Milwaukee
(414) 439-3799
  Visit the Good Life Restaurant & Lounge web site
  Goodkind (map)
2475 S. Wentworth Ave. , Milwaukee
(414) 763-4706
  Visit the Goodkind web site   E-Mail Goodkind
  Gouda's Italian Deli (map)
218 N. Water St., Milwaukee
(414) 221-6565
  Visit the Goudas Italian Deli web site
  Grant's Restaurant (map)
411 W. North Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 263-2929
  Grassroots Salad Co. (map)
607 N. Water St., Milwaukee
(414) 249-4464
  Visit the Grassroots Salad Co. web site
  Grebe's Bakery (map)
5132 W Lincoln Ave, Milwaukee
(414) 543-7000
  Visit the Grebes Bakery web site
  Greige Patisserie (map)
408 W. Florida St. Suite #104, Milwaukee
(414) 252-0143
  Visit the Greige Patisserie web site
  Guanajuato (map)
2317 S. Howell Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 482-2269
  Gus' International Deli (map)
733 N. Van Buren St., Milwaukee
(414) 276-9933
  Gyro Palace (map)
602 S. 2nd St., Milwaukee
(414) 298-9622
  Gyros Stand (map)
1110 E. Oklahoma Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 747-1103

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