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  Carson's (map)
301 W. Juneau Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 223-3311
  Visit the Carsons web site
  Carte Blanche Studios (map)
1024 S. 5th St., Milwaukee
(262) 716-4689
  Visit the Carte Blanche Studios web site
  Casablanca (map)
728 E. Brady St., Milwaukee
414- 271-6000
  Visit the Casablanca web site
  Cataro's Italian Villa (map)
5641 W. Beloit Rd. , Milwaukee
(414) 545-1520
  Cedar Teeth (map)
3040 S. Delaware Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 737-8953
  Visit the Cedar Teeth  web site
  Celesta (map)
1978 N. Farwell Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 231-3030
  Visit the Celesta web site
  Centraal Grand Cafe & Tappery (map)
2306 S. Kinnickinnic Ave. , Milwaukee
(414) 755-0378
  Visit the Centraal Grand Cafe & Tappery web site
  Centro Café (map)
808 E. Center St., Milwaukee
(414) 455-3751
  Visit the Centro Café web site
  Chameleon Mobile Cuisine (map)
Automobile, Milwaukee
(414) 732-7978
  Champion Chicken (map)
8718 W. Lisbon Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 462-6200
  Visit the Champion Chicken web site
  Chancery - Milwaukee (map)
4624 S. 27th St., Milwaukee
(414) 282-3350   fax: (414) 282-6310
  Visit the Chancery - Milwaukee web site
  Char'd (map)
222 E. Erie Street, Milwaukee
(414) 885-2611
  Visit the Chard web site
  Charro (map)
729 E. Milwaukee St., Milwaukee
(414) 431-5557
  Visit the Charro web site
  Chez Jacques (map)
1022 S. 1st St., Milwaukee
(414) 672-1040
  Visit the Chez Jacques web site   E-Mail Chez Jacques
  Chic Cafe (map)
770 N. Jefferson St. Lower Level, Milwaukee
(414) 882-7708   fax: (414) 882-7712
  Visit the Chic Cafe web site
  Chili Pepper's Mexican Restaurante (map)
5171 S. 108th St., Hales Corners
(414) 427-3900
  Visit the Chili Peppers Mexican Restaurante web site
  China Gourmet (map)
117 E. Wells St., Milwaukee
(414) 272-1688   fax: (414) 272-2288
  Visit the China Gourmet web site
  China King (map)
2982 S. Chase Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 482-9170   fax: (414) 482-9180
  Chinese and Thai Hot Cafe (map)
315 E. Wisconsin Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 271-3333
  Chipotle - Ogden Ave. (map)
600 E. Ogden Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 223-4710   fax: (414) 223-4712
  Visit the Chipotle - Ogden Ave. web site

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