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  Black Husky Brewing (map)
909 E. Locust St., Milwaukee
(414) 509-8855
  Visit the Black Husky Brewing web site
  Broken Bat Brewing Co. (map)
231 E. Buffalo St., Milwaukee
(414) 316-9197
  Visit the Broken Bat Brewing Co. web site
  City Lights Brewing Company (map)
2200 W. Mount Vernon Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 436-1011
  Visit the City Lights Brewing Company web site
  Component Brewing Company (map)
2018 S 1st St #207, Milwaukee
(414) 979-1088
  Visit the Component Brewing Company web site
  Dead Bird Brewing (map)
1726 N. 5th St., Milwaukee
(414) 930-0707
  Visit the Dead Bird Brewing web site
  Eagle Park Brewing Co. (map)
823 E. Hamilton St., Milwaukee
(414) 585-0123
  Visit the Eagle Park Brewing Co. web site
  Enlightened Brewing Company (map)
2020 S Allis St, Milwaukee
(414) 239-8950
  Visit the Enlightened Brewing Company web site
  Hacienda Beer Co. (map)
2018 E. North Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 296-7200
  Visit the Hacienda Beer Co. web site
  Lakefront Brewery (map)
1872 N. Commerce St., Milwaukee
(414) 372-8800
  Visit the Lakefront Brewery web site   E-Mail Lakefront Brewery
  Like Minds (map)
823 E. Hamilton St., Milwaukee
(414) 239-8587
  Visit the Like Minds web site
  Pabst Milwaukee Brewery & Taproom (map)
1037 W. Juneau Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 908-0025
  Visit the Pabst Milwaukee Brewery & Taproom web site
  Third Space Brewing (map)
1505 W St. Paul Ave., Milwaukee

  Visit the Third Space Brewing web site
  Urban Harvest Brewing (map)
1024 S. 5th St., Milwaukee

  Visit the Urban Harvest Brewing web site
  Vennture Brew Co. (map)
5519 W. North Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 856-4321
  Visit the Vennture Brew Co. web site

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