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  Fire on Water (map)
518 N. Water St., Milwaukee
(414) 291-4411
  Visit the Fire on Water web site   E-Mail Fire on Water
  Frank's Power Plant (map)
2800 S. Kinnickinnic Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 481-9200
  Gallery 110 North (map)
520 E. Mill Street, Plymouth
(920) 892-8409   fax: (920) 893-5242
  Visit the Gallery 110 North web site   E-Mail Gallery 110 North
  Gibraltar (map)
538 W. National Ave., Milwaukee
414- 306-1502
  Grainger's Pub & Grill (map)
3400 W. Loomis Rd., Milwaukee
(414) 282-9917
  Visit the Graingers Pub & Grill web site
  Gridiron Sports Saloon (map)
3800 E. Layton Ave., Cudahy
(414) 324-7695
  E-Mail Gridiron Sports Saloon
  Hi-Hat Garage (map)
1701 N. Arlington Place, Milwaukee
(414) 225-9330
  Visit the Hi-Hat Garage web site
  High Diveybttrzasqwe (map)
701 E. Center St., Milwaukee
(414) 763-0729
  Visit the High Dive web site
  Jackalope Lounj (map)
343 N. Broadway Ave. , Milwaukee
(414) 223-0345
  Jalapeno Loco (map)
5067 S. Howell Ave., Milwaukee
(414) 483-8300
  Visit the Jalapeno Loco web site
  Jumpin' Jive Club (map)
1800 S. 92nd St. , West Allis
(262) 547-9464
  Visit the Jumpin Jive Club web site   E-Mail Jumpin Jive Club
  K Ranch (map)
4840 S. Whitnall Ave., Cudahy
(414) 481-1775
  Kids from Wisconsin (map)
640 S 84th Street, West Allis
(414) 266-7067   fax: (414) 266-7069
  Visit the Kids from Wisconsin web site   E-Mail Kids from Wisconsin
  Kochanski's Concertina Beer Hall (map)
1920 S. 37th St., Milwaukee
(414) 837-6552
  Visit the Kochanskis Concertina Beer Hall web site   E-Mail Kids from Wisconsin   E-Mail Kochanskis Concertina Beer Hall
  Lakefront Grille (map)
179 W. Wisconsin Ave., Pewaukee
(262) 691-0200
  Visit the Lakefront Grille web site
  Linneman's Riverwest Inn (map)
1001 E. Locust St., Milwaukee
(414) 263-9844
  Liquor Sweets (map)
3000 S. 13th St., Milwaukee
(414) 384-0777
  Lucille's Piano Bar & Grill (map)
1110 N. Old World Third St., Milwaukee
(414) 225-0304
  Visit the Lucilles Piano Bar & Grill web site
  Lucky Chance (map)
6139 W. Beloit Road, West Allis
(414) 509-7672
  Lucky's Irish Pub & Grill (map)
789 W. Layton Ave. , Milwaukee
(414) 744-9999
  Visit the Luckys Irish Pub & Grill web site

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