Armeli's Restaurant & Pizzeria [edit]
16201 W. National Ave.
New Berlin, WI 53146
(262) 786-6699
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Description [edit]
Armeli's features a weekday lunch buffet and a variety of Italian dishes in addition to seafood, subs and a regular Friday fish fry. Catering, take-out and a children's menu are also available.

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In search of the perfect pizza: Armeli's

In search of the perfect pizza: Armeli's What is a blog?  For us it is a short blurb that we write when the mood strikes us.  It can be first person, funny or informative. In short, a blog is whatever we want it to be.

By Rick Rodriguez - March 27, 2013
Native Sicilian Anthony "Tony" Armeli opened his restaurant in 1988 and still … Read more...
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Posted by zooks07 on March 5, 2008 at 1:15 p.m. (report)

I went to Armeli's for their lunch buffet. The place was full so I waited for a table. Once seated I was excited for a buffet and noticed no one was going to get food. So I stood up and went to the buffet and realized their was no food (other than salad and soup) available. So I waited a few minutes and 10 minutes later I could hear rude comments from customers about the lack of food. I was hungry so I went up to talk to the owner. I asked him when the food would be ready and he sort of apologized to me in an ignorant way and said there was food out there. The wait staff was great but the rudeness and snootiness of the owner towards me will forever be in my mind. For lunch, I would rather eat in a pleasant atmosphere than take abuse from an owner.

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