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Zaysha Sandwick: self-proclaimed awkward but sassy.

Featured bartender: Zaysha Sandwick at Scaffidi's Hideout

Zaysha Sandwick started bartending just three months ago at Scaffidi's, but one wouldn't glean this by watching her. She has lots of confidence and an easy laugh, appearing very natural behind the bar.

Until you order something she doesn't know how to make. Or try to hit on her. Then things might get awkward. Or so she says. recently stopped into Scaffidi's and chatted with Sandwick about math, Sheboygan, ceiling mirrors and her first bar fight. Where does your name come from?

Zaysha Sandwick: My mom had a miscarriage before me and my dad had a dream that they named the child "Zaysha"; they thought it was some sort of God-sent name or something.

OMC: Have you ever meant anyone with the same name?

ZS: No. I used to hate it when I was little. I wanted everyone to call me Jennifer. And then I got older and realized my name is awesome.

OMC: How long have you worked here?

ZS: Only like three months. I am the newest bartender here. This is my first bartending gig. I am also a barista at the Bayshore Alterra.

OMC: How would you describe this bar?

ZS: There are tons of regulars. I already know like 75 percent of the people's first names. It's like a big family. The owners, Mark and Rick Scaffidi, close the bar every night. They know everybody. They are the best guys.

OMC: Where are you from?

ZS: I'm from good ol' Sheboygan. I wanted to go to college away, but not too far away, so I moved here. I love Milwaukee so far.

OMC: Where do you go to college?

ZS: UWM. I'm an accounting and IT major so I'm a huge nerd. I like numbers and adding things. I want to be a CPA someday.

OMC: What do you have to say to people who are scared of math?

ZS: It's not that bad. You just have to practice. I did not always like math. You can get better if you practice it. I took calculus last semester and I was terrified to take it, but it was my favorite class at UWM so far. This is shocking to some people. But math can be fun and nerds can be cool.

OMC: When you are not working or studying what do you like to do?

ZS: Rollerblading. Anything outside. Just started running. I am training for a mud run.

OMC: What's you favorite drink to make?

ZS: I love making Bloody Marys. I get to use the shaker and I feel like a real bartender even though I don't think I'm a real bartender yet because I just started. People come in and order drinks I don't know how to make yet and so they have to coach me through it.

OMC: What do you like to drink when you're on this side of the bar?

ZS: I'm a big vodka person. Anything with vodka. Or just vodka.

I just turned 21 two weeks ago. It was a Wednesday, which kind of sucked, but we went to bars where we could sit outside. I got sunburned. It was the one nice day which was awesome.

OMC: What are some of your favorite Milwaukee bars?

ZS: I used to only go to bars I could get into with my fake ID. But now I like to go to the Brat House. I like sports bars. I'm a Vikings fan. My dad grew up in Minnesota and I was his sports daughter. It was pretty bad growing up a Vikings fan in Sheboygan.

OMC: What is cool about Sheboygan?

ZS: My family. That's about it. It's really boring. And nuts. I went back last weekend to hang out with my friends now that I'm 21 and I got in a bar fight.

OMC: You got in a bar fight? How did that happen?

ZS: I'm really sassy.

OMC: Was it with a girl or guy?

ZS: A girl.

OMC: Was there actual fighting?

ZS: Kinda. I think I choked her and threw a shot glass in her face and then they found me at bar time and clocked me in the face.

OMC: Wow, was this your first bar fight?

ZS: Yes, first and hopefully last.

OMC: Do you get hit on a lot?

ZS: Yes, but I am still so bad at it. I'm so awkward. I made a rule that I do not take or give out numbers while working.

OMC: Do you have a boyfriend?

ZS: No, I don't date. I'm really bad at that, too. I am just really awkward.

OMC: You don't seem awkward.

ZS: Around boys I am. I'm like a 2-year-old. But I am good at talking to people here and at Alterra, but talking boyfriend talk? Uh-uh.

OMC: Do you have a bartender's license?

ZS: Yeah, I got it online. I got fingerprinted and everything.

OMC: What is something you really want to do during your lifetime?

ZS: I want to travel. I have not gotten outside of Wisconsin very much. After I graduate I would like to take some time off and do what I want to do.

OMC: When are you graduating?

ZS: Never.

OMC: What's up with the mirror on the ceiling of the bar?

ZS: I have no idea. I did not even know it was up there for the first week that I worked here.


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