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New Service Industry Network (SIN) App connects professionals

A new web and app-based platform, called Service Industry Network (SIN), is ready to go. It's the first Wisconsin hub for jobs and news that help service industry professionals make connections, strengthen their teams and discover others with a passion for service.

SIN addresses the needs of both those hiring and those wanting to get hired. It's a place to recruit employees as well as find the right job in the service industry. Both employers – through the webpage – and employees – through the app – are able to share details about who they are and what they are looking for in a professional environment.

"Both the operators and the employees want to find a good fit. Operators don't want to just fill shifts on a schedule and most (job seekers) don't want to just take any job in the industry," says app co-creator Nick Beyer. "SIN makes it transparent for both."

For example, Beyer says that he excelled in a pub atmosphere but would not have thrived in a fine dining restaurant. "This is a way for the right people to land in the right jobs," he says. "This is what everyone in the industry needs and wants."

Beyer and his business partner, Seth Dehne, have been friends for 25 years and both have a strong history in the service industry – from the front to back of house, management to ownership. Recently, along with Tim Radke, they introduced the platform.

According to Beyer, the SIN webpage also offers a more proactive approach to hiring with an ability for operators to "flag" profiles they've reviewed and are interested in.

"So if a company loses a couple team members to other opportunities, or needs to let people go," says Beyer, "rather than scrambling to fill the holes they could simply look at the profiles they've flagged and reach out directly to see if they are looking and interested in the position."

As for the job seeker, the app allows them to follow companies they're interested in and receive notifications when those companies post jobs.

"The company can be less reactive and more proactive in their hiring approach," says Beyer.

Beyer started his career at the George Webb in Waukesha and went on to work at Levy restaurants in Chicago, then back in Milwaukee at Halliday's Lounge and Rock Bottom Brewery. Beyer later worked as a consultant for Dehne who owned and operated numerous Downtown bars, including Pub Club, Upper 90 and Red, White and Blue.

"We would have found an app like this very helpful and we're excited to offer it now," says Dehne. "There are things about the industry we both miss, and this is a way for us to stay connected."

SIN is available on Android. For more information go to SIN's Facebook page.


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