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Baseball and beer go hand-in-hand. Miller Park offers plenty of options.

In Bars & Clubs

In addition to a bolling alley and movie theater, the iPic at Bayshore has a full bar.

Price check: How much for a beer at sports, movie venues?

Note: The contents of this guide were checked for accuracy when this article was updated on Feb. 12, 2008 at 5:22 a.m. We continually update the thousands of articles on, but it's possible some details, specials and offers may have changed. As always, we recommend you call first if you have specific questions for the businesses mentioned in the guide.

"Bar Month" at is back for another round! The whole month of February, we're serving up intoxicatingly fun bars and club articles -- including guides, bartender profiles, drink recipes and even a little Brew City bar history. Cheers!

Each week during our bar month extravaganza, we check local watering holes, clubs, lounges, liquor stores and grocery stores to give you a comparison on the cost of your favorite libations.

Enjoying a drink isn't just limited to your living room or the neighborhood bar. Milwaukee is a sports town, and the city's three main athletic venues -- the Bradley Center, Miller Park and the U.S. Cellular Arena -- offer many brands of beer and even mixed drinks for those with a slightly more cultured palate.

For those not into sports, there is a growing number of movie theaters offering beer, wine and liquor.

This week, compares the cost of a frosty, cold beer at local sporting venues, concert halls and movie houses.

Use the talkback feature at the end of this story to add the prices at your favorite entertainment hot spot.

16-oz. draft (Miller Genuine Draft, Miller Lite): $5.50
24-oz. draft: $7
20-oz. draft (specialty): $7
16-oz. bottle (MGD, Miller Lite): $6.50

16-oz. draft (MGD, Miller Lite): $4.50
20-oz. draft: $6

16-oz. draft: (Miller products): $4.75
24-oz. draft: $7
20-oz. draft (premimum): $6.75
16-oz. bottle (MGD, Lite): $6

22-oz. draft (Miller/Bud products): $4
22-oz. draft (specialty): $6

16-oz. draft (MGD, Miller Lite): $4
16-oz. draft (specialty): $4.75
12-oz. bottle: $4
Pitcher (MGD, Miller Lite): $9
Pitcher (specialty): $12

16-oz. draft (MGD, Miller Lite, Leine's Original): $3.29
16-oz. draft (specialty): $3.99
16-oz. draft (Newcastle): $4.59
12-oz. bottle: (Miller/Bud, O'Doul's, St. Pauli N/A): $3.29
12-oz. bottle: (specialty): $3.99
15.5-oz. can (Guinness): $4.99
Pitcher (Miller products): $9.99
Pitcher (specialty): $11.99
Pitcher (New Castle): $13.59

Next week: goes shopping. We'll check around with a number of grocery and liquor stores for some basic party supplies.


alba | Feb. 12, 2008 at 8:38 a.m. (report)

Summerfest beer prices are still good compared to the prices at Miller Park.

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