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The glow of Christmas lights make a space insta-cozy.

8 cozy Milwaukee bars

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It's that time of year when bars with patios are trumped by bars with fireplaces. Suddenly, the warm-and-comfy factor is a big deal, and so OnMilwaukee went out on a couple of windy, chilly nights last week to scout out some of the city's coziest bars.

1. Boone & Crockett

Sofas, stained glass and soft lighting make Boone a place you won't want to leave. The well-crafted cocktails play a role in that, too.

2. Bryant's Cocktail Lounge

A place you can sink into a booth and sip to your heart's content for hours. Bryant's, you make love slugs out of us. Thank you.

3. Burnhearts

Burnhearts. Even the name is warm and toasty.

4. Camp Bar

(PHOTO: Bobby Tanzilo)

The Up North vibe is alive and well at all three Camp Bar locations. Fire and Old Fashioneds help make that possible.

5. County Clare

The County Clare "nook" will make knocking back a pint or three way too easy. In the words of Liz Lemon, "I want to go to there."

6. Jamo's

Drop us off at Jamo's and don't come back until it's summer again. (see top for photo)

7. Paddy's Pub

The ambient lighting, fireplace and elderly gentleman snoozing on the sofa all contribute to the snugness of this Irish pub.

8. The Tin Widow

It's like Grandma's house without the racist comments and game shows. And the always-flickering candles are really nice and glow-y.


matsfan | Nov. 23, 2015 at 1:20 p.m. (report)

Pretty sure that At Random closed last May.

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Photodavie | Nov. 20, 2015 at 12:21 p.m. (report)

OMG!!! how did you miss At Random!?!?

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