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Fight me: Conejito's margarita is the city's best

Today is National Margarita Day, thus a fitting occasion to make a bold statement that might make some feel, well, a bit salty.

I've tried hundreds of margaritas, and for me, Conejito's margarita is the best in taste, price and presentation.

I'll get price out of the way first, because although this is a factor for my preference, it's not the bottom line. But at $3.50, you cannot find a cheaper margarita in Milwaukee – unless it's part of a weekly or holiday-related special.

Plus, the price has remained the same for ages – as has the rest of the menu with the exception of the guacamole which tripled recently due to the temporary spike in the price of avocados. (Kinda weird, I admit, that the price of avocados stabilized in grocery stores and just about everywhere else except Conejito's, but I digress.)

There is exactly one choice for a margarita at Conejito's – no peach, no tamarind, no blue – just good ol' "regular" that's poured from a pre-made jug behind the bar called "Evonne's Mix."

Conejito's margaritas are slightly more on the sour side than the sweet side, which is one of the aspects I appreciate the most about this cocktail.

The Conejito's margarita is extremely refreshing which is important because the food – something fans refer to as "Mexican comfort food" – is high in sodium. Thus washing it down with a drink that's not too sweet or too complex in taste is key. Sure there is also salt on the rim of the drink, but it's a modest amount. I also find the drink-to-ice ratio delightfully proportionate.

Finally, I love that the Conejito's margarita doesn't come in a typical margarita glass with a cactus-shaped stem. My favorite drinks – and apparently bar ware – are the least decadent. Case in point: I also love Steny's Bloody Mary served in a simple cup and garnished solely with a pickle and an olive. I really don't care about fancy when it comes to drinking because, quite frankly, I enjoy booze. Olé!


sheila_d | Feb. 23, 2019 at 1:54 p.m. (report)

Worst margarita ever, I don't care how cheap they are. Since Jose's passing, have they even gotten limes in that place????? Mexican food can't be real without fresh limes esp. in a Margarita. Corazon makes an excellent 'gita as does Poco Loco. Thank You Kindly, She-She

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