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Milwaukee brewers organize a Beer Drive-Thru for Saturday.

Area brewers team up for a Beer Drive-Thru in St. Francis on Saturday

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New Barons Brewing Cooperative, Drink Brew City and Faklandia Brewing are hosting a Beer Drive-Thru on Saturday from 1 to 6 p.m. at Faklandia's new and future home, 3807 S. Packard Ave., in St. Francis, formerly the 42 Ale House.

The drive-thru will allow customers to stay in their cars while they purchase six-packs of cans or bottles from New Barons Brewing Cooperative, MobCraft Beer, The Fermentorium, Gathering Place and Broken Bat Brewing Company and more.

"We've got a few in the mix that I'm waiting for confirmation," says New Barons' John Degroote. "I expect a few more here in the coming hours."

Degroote says Faklandia isn't yet allowed to sell beer, but is graciously hosting the event and hopefully drawing attention to its future brewpub at the same time.

According to Degroote, the vendors are planning strict precautions in the exchange of money and beer, including the re-application of sanitizer on hands/gloves between each sale, frequent spray down of table you pull up to with San-O2-Gard, a brewer's sanitizer that keeps beer tanks pathogen-free, and rub-down of product(s) with San-O2-Gard before receiving them.

A menu set up in advance of the pick-up and pay station will ensure speedier service and shorter interaction times. Also fewer than five people will be working the drive-thru at any given time, to limit the number of people involved.

The vendors request that you remain your car at all times and patiently wait in the line they'll set up with traffic cones.

According to the Facebook page for the drive-thru, the event is:

"To support the growing MKE craft beer community during this tough time when bars, taprooms, and breweries are unable to be open. Many are reporting an 80 percent to complete loss in sales over these next few weeks and we've been discussing ways to support each other during this period. Luckily, in the beer industry, we have pre-packaged product that is manufactured with the most professional level of sanitation and we are employing new ways to deliver it to you as safely as possible! The state of Wisconsin has approved our 'Beer Drive-Thru' as an alternative to visiting our taprooms and events during the Covid-19 Pandemic."

Degroot says that if the drive-thru is a hit, they will keep it going indefinitely.

"As long as we have beer to provide," he says. "And maybe Faklandia's license (will) come through at some point (and they can sell, too)."


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