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9 a.m. at RAM's Wustum Museum
9 a.m. at Menomonee Falls High School

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Thai-Inspired Ice Cream Shop Hits Milwaukee

Thai-Inspired Ice Cream Shop Hits Milwaukee

Fro Zone, the first restaurant of its kind to offer these Thai-inspired ice cream rolls in Milwaukee opened its doors on June 1. Since then, the line has been consistently out of the door. Fro Zone gets its name from a Disney "Incredibles" character with freezing abilities.The trend has been all over Instagram and Facebook [...] The post Thai-Inspired Ice Cream Shop Hits Milwaukee appeared first on Media Milwaukee.

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Women's Club Athenaeum
For years, I've admired the Women's Club of Wisconsin building - also called The Athenaeum - at 813 E. Kilbourn Ave., on the corner of Cass Street. Going inside and learning more about the club makes me now admire the good works the club's members do, too.
New Arts @ Large home
There are few things more satisfying to me than seeing a beautiful old - and vacant - building get an overhaul and a new life with a new owner. When that new owner is a Milwaukee nonprofit that works every day to improve the lives of MPS students? Double bonus. Welcome to Arts @ Large's new home.
Nutella taste test
Nutella is ubiquitous now. Heck, there's even an entire Nutella Cafe in Chicago. And there appear to be more competitors than ever for your hazelnut spread dollar. We decided to taste the ones we could find in Milwaukee and compare them - a difficult job, but we did it, so you don't have to.
A visit by design
I have a kid who is a great artist and is really interested in engineering, too, so I admit I probably edge toward the nudge too much when I give him books about architecture and point out interesting buildings. But he didn't seem to mind on our last design-themed trip to Chicago.