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Student Creates 'Kids Tales' Aimed at Sharing Children's Stories

Upon first handshake, Katie Eder looks like your average high school student. She loves to read and write. She's been writing since fourth grade and enjoys getting lost in a novel whenever she can. Katie carries herself with confidence and is fantastic at speaking. This made her a clear candidate to be editor-in-chief for her school newspaper at Shorewood High School. There is one thing that makes Katie unlike any teenager I've come across - at age 13, she founded her own non-profit... Student Creates 'Kids Tales' Aimed at Sharing Children's Stories appeared first on 88Nine Radio Milwaukee.

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Student Creates

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For guy who's got it all
People tell me I'm hard to shop for, and they're probably right. Lots of interesting stuff arrives in the mailbox here at OnMilwaukee for us to review, and admittedly, I tend to buy - or at least browse for - gadgets when I can't fall asleep. So, the least I can do is share everything I've learned with you this holiday season.
Jodi Janisse-Kanzenbach
"Like most people, my first tattoos came out of rebellion," notes Chef Jodi Janisse-Kanzenbach of Cafe Soeurette in West Bend. "But, it's really turned into an appreciation for the art and the designs that the artists create."
Italian-born NFL'ers
If you've been outside the U.S. you know that despite whatever the NFL might say, finding someone with an even passing interest in American football isn't always easy. That is, unless you go to Italy and bump into Fausto Batella, who has a new book out.
Burns statue
This seemingly unusual Milwaukee monument - the great poet never visited Milwaukee - is the result of a 1909 gift to the city. With New Year's Eve upon us, we take a look at its history and remind you of the lyrics to an enduring holiday favorite.