Anne E. Schwartz

Anne E. Schwartz is a veteran award-winning print and broadcast journalist who has worked for more than 25 years in the Milwaukee area writing about public safety issues. She was the reporter who broke the Jeffrey Dahmer story while at the former Milwaukee Journal in 1991 and wrote a book on the case, "The Man Who Could Not Kill Enough: The Story of Milwaukee's Jeffrey Dahmer." She is a nationally-recognized trainer on crisis communications and risk assessment for both the public and private sector.

Anne lives in Milwaukee's Third Ward. She enjoys cooking and takes culinary classes when she travels around the country and the world. She loves riding Harley-Davidson motorcycles with her partner Mark.

Recent Articles
 Buzz - May 1, 2017
 Milwaukee's crime of the century: 25 years after Jeffrey Dahmer
 It's been more than 25 years since Jeffrey Dahmer's horrific crimes were exposed. Anne E. Schwartz was a part-time crime reporter when she was assigned to cover the case. Here is her look back at Milwaukee's crime of the century.
 Marketplace - August 25, 2014
 Local tobacconist founds international group for women cigar afficionadas
 Mary Lynn Kane vows to change the cigar industry's attitude about women smokers - one puff at a time. As the owner of Lake Country Cigars in Delafield and a cigar smoker of 29 years, Kane, of Oconomowoc, knew women had purchasing power when it came to cigars, but the industry needed a nudge.
 Travel & Visitors Guide - July 16, 2014
 Riders enjoy VIP experience at Harley-Davidson Museum on final stop
 The week-long VIP, Harley-riding experience ended as it began, with a police escort, first, out of town from Joplin, Mo., to begin the journey on Route 66 last Tuesday. Three days later, it was down Canal Street onto the grounds of motorcycle Mecca - the Harley-Davidson Museum.
 Travel & Visitors Guide - July 15, 2014
 Riders see Americana in action on "The American Road Tour with Bill Davidson"
 Pontiac, Ill. wasn't supposed to happen on "The American Road Tour with Bill Davidson." It was going to merely host a quick stop and then riders would be on to another city. But tour organizers didn't count on Pontiac Mayor Bob Russell and the residents that know how to roll out a red carpet - and they keep it rolling.
 Travel & Visitors Guide - July 10, 2014
 Route 66: Paved with characters and memories
 When traveling historic Route 66, it's not so much the landscape littered with long-abandoned gas stations or antique cars scattered along the roadside, it's the journey through its cultural landscape that makes the memories. For veteran motorcycle riders, it is their mantra - it's all about the journey.
 Travel & Visitors Guide - July 9, 2014
 Route 66: Getting our kicks
 Two iconic figures intersect this week as Harley-Davidson riders led by motorcycle scion Bill Davidson take the road to discovery on Route 66. "The American Road Tour" was created by Davidson, vice president of the Harley-Davidson Museum and great-grandson of the company founder, and his team. Davidson said when he surveyed the mass of historic items from the new "American Road" exhibit (opening at the Museum this week) he realized that there was no actual "tour."
 Buzz - July 13, 2007
 Give the public a little good news
 Surely something good must be happening in a city of nearly 600,000 people. The reason we know that is because every member of the Milwaukee Police Department lives in the city of Milwaukee.
 Buzz - June 20, 2007
 Safety is a Big Gig for MPD
 There is no better example of why we are blogging than by sharing a story that appeared in the media Tuesday night that questioned security measures and the MPDs part in protecting festival goers at Summerfest.

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