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Jennifer Morales is an elected member of the Milwaukee Board of School Directors, the first person of Latino descent to hold that position. She was first elected in 2001 and was unopposed for re-election in 2005. In 2004, she ran for a seat in the Wisconsin state senate, earning 43% of the vote against a 12-year incumbent.

Previously, she served as the editorial assistant at the educational journal Rethinking Schools; as assistant director of two education policy research centers at UW-Milwaukee; and as the development director for 9to5, National Association of Working Women.

She became the first person in her immediate family to graduate from college, earning a B.A. in Modern Languages and Literatures from Beloit College in 1991.

In addition to her work on the school board, she is a freelance editorial consultant and a mother.

Recent Articles
 #RaiseMKE - November 17, 2007
 School finance is sexy
 OK. Maybe school finance isn't sexy, but it's really important.
 #RaiseMKE - October 20, 2007
 Basic training
 I got a little heated at an MPS school board meeting this week. The board was gathered to hear State Superintendent Libby Burmaster.
 Buzz - October 7, 2007
  Indiana Jones and the temple of kaboom
 As a middle-schooler, I wanted to be Indiana Jones. I was always digging holes in the backyard, hoping to find the long-lost trinkets.
 Arts & Entertainment - September 22, 2007
 The unbearable queerness of being
 To celebrate our birthdays, Tina and I bought tickets for each other to this past Wednesday's Ani DiFranco concert at the Riverside.
 Buzz - September 15, 2007
 Sticks and stones
 Have you heard about the lesbian gang epidemic?
 Buzz - September 1, 2007
 My own private Idaho
 When I heard about U.S. Senator Larry Craig getting busted for soliciting gay sex, I laughed so hard I almost snorted hot coffee out my nose.
 #RaiseMKE - August 25, 2007
 A raid on reason
 The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency notified the U.S. Census Bureau recently that it shouldn't expect any let-up in of workplace raids.
 Buzz - August 16, 2007
 Apparently people in the U.S. have more disposable income than I thought.
 Kids & Family - August 8, 2007
 Home theater
 Something weird happened the other day. Tina and I were at home, working. I don't remember what editorial project I was chipping away at, but I was on deadline and a little cranky.
 Buzz - July 24, 2007
 Throw momma from the bus
 Walker announced this week that his proposed 2008 county budget would end 13 Milwaukee County Transit System bus routes and shorten 13 more.

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