Heather Leszczewicz

Originally from Des Plaines, Ill., Heather moved to Milwaukee to earn a B.A. in journalism from Marquette University. With a tongue-twisting last name like Leszczewicz, it's best to go into a career where people don't need to say your name often.

However, she's still sticking to some of her Illinoisan ways (she won't reform when it comes to things like pop, water fountain or ATM), though she's grown to enjoy her time in the Brew City.

Although her journalism career is still budding, Heather has had the chance for some once-in-a-lifetime interviews with celebrities like actor Vince Vaughn and actress Charlize Theron, director Cameron Crowe and singers Ben Kweller and Isaac Hanson of '90s brother boy band Hanson. 

Heather's a self-proclaimed workaholic but loves her entertainment. She's a real television and movie fanatic, book nerd, music junkie, coffee addict and pop culture aficionado.

Recent Articles
 Sports - July 29, 2012
 Live in London
 The last time I was in London, it was spring break 2007. While fellow Marquette seniors were planning trips to Cancun, California and other places they could bask in the sun, I decided that rainy London would be perfect. Five years later, here I am in Londontown again.
 Music - April 19, 2009
 "17 Again" is a tween hit that scores with adults
 The plot may be nauseatingly familiar, but Zac Efron and Matthew Perry make the "trading places" gimmick work.
 Marketplace - June 18, 2007
 Drink up Milwaukee's specialty coffee via the Web
 Local coffee drinker Mike Miller melded his love for coffee and the Internet into one with his blog, Milwaukee Specialty Coffee, with the mission of turning drinking coffee into a social activity.
 Buzz - June 12, 2007
 The challenging resolution
 This year I made a goal that I think is actually attainable. It's the 50 Book Challenge. As New Year's rolled around, I said to myself, "This year, I plan on reading 50 books."
 Movies & TV - June 1, 2007
 "Mr. Brooks" thrills despite a hiccup
 People don't normally root for the bad guy. In the classic battle of the good guy versus the bad guy, history tells us that the good guy must win. Well, when the righteous and the villainous aren't clearly marked, who do you root for?
 Movies & TV - May 31, 2007
 "Knocked Up" is a knockout
 "Knocked Up" will have you wondering why there are so many remakes and sequels drowning the box office when funny and original movies are more than worth a viewer's time and money.
 Arts & Entertainment - May 25, 2007
 Artists take to the streets for Plein Aire competition
 The Downer Avenue Merchant's Association and the League of Milwaukee Artists will take art to the streets and into the fresh air. Beginning Saturday, artists will be painting outdoors for the 2007 Downer Avenue Plein Aire Painting Competition.
 Music - May 24, 2007
 Pabst/Riverside announces late summer shows
 A variety of artists will be coming to Milwaukee to play the Pabst and Riverside stages beginning late July.
 Arts & Entertainment - May 24, 2007
 Buffy, three times "with feeling"
 "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" finished out its television run four years ago, but it still has a dedicated fan base. With this in mind. Buffy enthusiast Clinton McClung would like to introduce "Buffy The Musical" to Milwaukee.
 Buzz - May 23, 2007
 Milwaukee County Zoo gets an "Idol" shout out
 A large chunk of America just saw the Milwaukee County Zoo get a shout out on the "American Idol" finale.

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