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Host of “The Drew Olson Show,” which airs 1-3 p.m. weekdays on The Big 902. Sidekick on “The Mike Heller Show,” airing weekdays on The Big 920 and a statewide network including stations in Madison, Appleton and Wausau. Co-author of Bill Schroeder’s “If These Walls Could Talk: Milwaukee Brewers” on Triumph Books. Co-host of “Big 12 Sports Saturday,” which airs Saturdays during football season on WISN-12. Former senior editor at OnMilwaukee.com. Former reporter at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Recent Articles
 Sports - March 28, 2019
 On expectations
 Three years have passed since the Packers last played in the NFC Championship Game. That fall, the Cubs won the World Series. Seems like longer, doesn't it?
 Movies & TV - April 26, 2017
 Hog wash
 Have you wondered why, after 19 years, Drew Olson is no longer talking about baseball on the Bob & Brian show? Here's his answer, though you may not find it very satisfying.
 #RaiseMKE - March 23, 2011
 A simple solution for residency resolution
 If the past few weeks of statewide political rancor have taught us anything, it's that money talks.
 Music - March 2, 2011
 My first favorite music video in 20 years
 Remember when video was an exciting, vital part of the music industry? I'd forgotten, too, until I saw the latest from Dropkick Murphys.
 Sports - January 20, 2011
 Favre parody goes viral
 If you enjoyed the faux Wrangler commercial last year on "Saturday Night Live," you may really like this video, which has more detail and is circulating quickly on the Web.
 Bars & Clubs - January 10, 2011
 Happy New Year, tavern owners
 If they were stung by the smoking ban last summer, local bar owners are reaping some benefits courtesy of the local football teams.
 Dining - December 30, 2010
 SURG Restaurant Group adds Ryan Braun to lineup
 The SURG Restaurant Group, which operates Carnevor, Umami Moto, Charro and other properties, will take over ownership of Ryan Braun's Waterfront restaurant.
 Living - December 24, 2010
 A feel-good story to end 2010
 I'm usually cynical when it comes to "feel-good" stories around the holidays. This one, though, is pretty special.
 Arts & Entertainment - December 12, 2010
 Caliendo to end Monte Carlo run
 Waukesha native Frank Caliendo will end his stint as a performer at the Monte Carlo in Las Vegas. Caliendo wants to pursue things that allow him to spend more time with his family.
 Living - December 10, 2010
 In appreciation of our furry friends
 A child's essay and a few random photos provide a subtle reminder of the joys of pet ownership.

Recent Podcasts
Sports - August 12, 2009
 Robin Yount weighs the pros and cons of getting back into coaching
Brewers legend Robin Yount discusses the merits of getting back into coaching during an exclusive "Milwaukee Talks" interview with OnMilwaukee.com.
Length: 00:01:28
Sports - June 11, 2009
 Dave Begel talks about his MMA column with The D-List on 540 ESPN
OnMilwaukee.com sports columnist Dave Begel talks about his column on mixed-martial arts with Drew Olson on The D-List on 540 ESPN.
Length: 00:14:05
Sports - March 29, 2007
 Bud Selig on steroids in baseball
Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig says baseball has made strides in the battle against steroids.
Length: 00:01:44
Music - January 31, 2007
 William Shatner on the Milwaukee Ballet interpreting his music
Actor William Shatner talks about the Milwaukee Ballet interpreting his music from "Has Been," his collaboration with Ben Folds.
Length: 00:01:32
Arts and Entertainment - December 29, 2006
 OMC Weekend Preview: Dec. 29-31
A look at happenings this weekend.
Length: 00:01:53
Sports - November 14, 2006
 Jerry Kramer talks about the success of "Instant Replay"
Former Packers guard Jerry Kramer talks about the success of his book, "Instant Replay," a diary of the 1967 season with the Packers.
Length: 00:01:00
Food - October 30, 2006
 Sandy D'Amato on expectations at Sanford
Chef Sandy D'Amato talks about the expectations of diners at Sanford.
Length: 00:00:22
Arts and Entertainment - September 22, 2006
 Drew plans your big Sept. weekend
The Brewers close out their home schedule this weekend as the Fine Furnishings Show sets up Downtown. What else? Gordon Lightfoot, Center Street Daze/Rocker Box, Harvest Fest, Komen Race for the Cure and more.
Length: 00:02:41
Sports - September 7, 2006
 Behind the scenes at the Packers Hall of Fame
Drew Olson discusses why the new Packers Hall of Fame is special for fans of the Green and Gold.
Length: 00:02:04