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 Bars & Clubs - February 12, 2020
 Navigating a city that loves to drink when you're looking to cut back
 Milwaukee is a city that loves to drink. But as more and more folks - young folks, too - shy away from alcohol in favor of a healthier lifestyle, things can get a bit complicated.
 Living - January 21, 2020
 How to (still) make 2020 your fittest year yet
 After personally going to F45 the last several months, loving the workouts and culture they've built, and seeing results, I wanted to bring Wade Ritchie and Tasha Tyriver on the podcast this week to break down proper goal setting, diet and fitness.
 Living - December 20, 2019
 The GoGedders MKE holiday dating guide podcast
 These chilly winter months can get pretty crazy. Add a new relationship into the mix, and you've got a recipe to make anyone's head spin. Lucky for you, we have teamed up with Kessler's Diamonds for a special holiday edition of "Dating Advice"‌ on The GoGedders Podcast.
 #RaiseMKE - December 12, 2019
 Meet Echelon: MKE's emerging professional group that's here to help our homeless
 Echelon, one of Milwaukee's premier emerging professional groups, has been making big waves as of late. So we had three members on The GoGedders Podcast to talk about what fuels this group's success, the ways people can get involved and more.
 Buzz - December 9, 2019
 Bringing books to life: The imaginative tale of Bookworm Gardens
 Bookworm Gardens is an imaginative, independent nonprofit organization that makes the imagination experience a reality for kids in Wisconsin, day in and day out. And in the latest episode of GoGedders, we learn more about its origins and inspirations.
 Living - November 21, 2019
 Dating advice round three: Talking to exes, worst date stories and more
 Danika Tramburg (Miss Wisconsin, USA), Gabi Suliga (Miss Milwaukee) and professional matchmaker Lori Mendelson join the GoGedders Podcast yet again to discuss dating in the modern world and more.
 Arts & Entertainment - November 11, 2019
 Listen up: PodFest MKE comes to No Studios this week
 On Thursday, Nov. 14, GGMM and Bridge the City are hosting the first ever PodFest MKE, a learning and listening event for anyone interested in starting a podcast, growing their current podcast or listening to a showcase of local podcasting talent.
 Buzz - October 16, 2019
 Disrupt Milwaukee: Being human centric in the era of digital transformation
 On Thursday, Nov. 7, Disrupt Milwaukee returns with nine rapid-fire presentations on topics relating to this year's theme: being human centric in the era of digital transformation.
 Living - October 11, 2019
 The hustle is real: Turning your passion into income
 On this episode of The GoGedders Podcast, we're talking the "Gig Economy," covering everything from how to take the leap from side-hustle to full-time career, to the many lessons and misconceptions of being your own boss.
 Buzz - September 12, 2019
 The Commons: How to retain MKE students through innovative programming
 On the latest episode of the GoGedders podcast, I had the opportunity to sit down with three recent graduates who participated in The Commons Innovation Fellowship Program about their post-collegiate careers in Milwaukee.

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