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Jessica McBride spent a decade as an investigative, crime, and general assignment reporter for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and is a former City Hall reporter/current columnist for the Waukesha Freeman.

She is the recipient of national and state journalism awards in topics that include short feature writing, investigative journalism, spot news reporting, magazine writing, blogging, web journalism, column writing, and background/interpretive reporting. McBride, a senior journalism lecturer at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, has taught journalism courses since 2000.

Her journalistic and opinion work has also appeared in broadcast, newspaper, magazine, and online formats, including, Milwaukee Magazine, Wisconsin Public Radio, El Conquistador Latino newspaper, Investigation Discovery Channel, History Channel, WMCS 1290 AM, WTMJ 620 AM, and She is the recipient of the 2008 UWM Alumni Foundation teaching excellence award for academic staff for her work in media diversity and innovative media formats and is the co-founder of Media, the UWM journalism department's award-winning online news site. McBride comes from a long-time Milwaukee journalism family. Her grandparents, Raymond and Marian McBride, were reporters for the Milwaukee Journal and Milwaukee Sentinel.

Her opinions reflect her own not the institution where she works.

Recent Articles
 Movies & TV - August 13, 2016
 Why Brendan Dassey deserves release - and why Avery's case is far different
 A U.S. Magistrate judge's stunning decision overturning the Brendan Dassey conviction got Jessica McBride thinking. Will we see a Lawrencia Bembenek outcome here? And what does this decision mean for the still-imprisoned Steven Avery?
 Buzz - July 27, 2016
 Hillary's Bill Clinton problem
 The Democratic National Convention has focused on a key argument: Our children are watching and listening, and what are they learning from Trump? However, watching the DNC Tuesday night, I couldn't help but think: What have our children learned from Bill Clinton?
 Buzz - July 20, 2016
 5 reasons why Donald Trump pulled it off
 It's astonishing when you think about it: a reality TV star who was only a joke a year ago became the Republican nominee this week. But how'd he pull it off? Here are the five key reasons why we are now truly looking at a potential President Trump.
 Buzz - July 13, 2016
 Why the Peg Lautenschlager Ethics Commission appointment is hilarious
 The appointment of former Democratic state Attorney General Peg Lautenschlager to run the new Wisconsin Ethics Commission is hilarious - not only because of her past ethics board run-in, but because of the comical karma for Republicans.
 Buzz - July 7, 2016
 The problem with the FBI's remarkable Hillary Clinton email decision
 Here's the thing: It's hard to read FBI Director James Comey's own comments on the Hillary Clinton email scandal and not believe that, had they really wanted to, the agency could have brought a case against the Democratic presidential nominee.
 Buzz - July 1, 2016
 The realities of Milwaukee County's gun court
 Three student journalists at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee spent a semester studying Milwaukee County's gun court, the court where non-fatal shootings are sent. What they found is crucial to further understanding the city's crime debate.
 Buzz - June 24, 2016
 Editing Omar Mateen's 911 calls is harmfully editing history
 It's true that Omar Mateen's motives in Orlando may have been complicated, but here's why understanding the shooter's motives, and not editing his 911 calls, matters: Knowing the cause helps us craft solutions that are directly related to it.
 Buzz - June 22, 2016
 It's well past time to stop the unfair criticism of Madison police
 Use of force, such as in a recent controversial Madison police arrest, is never a pretty sight. However, if you review standard police use-of-force continuums - as well as the full story - it's hard to see how this case merits the controversy.
 Buzz - June 15, 2016
 11 things the new Milwaukee flag looks like
 So, Milwaukee has a new flag - at least unofficially. Will it make its way to becoming the official flag of the city? That we don't know yet, but we do know the new design reminds Jessica McBride of ... something. 11 somethings to be exact, listed here.
 Buzz - June 15, 2016
 Orlando shooting calls for more unity, less disgusting politics
 After the shooting in Orlando, the left rushed to blame guns and Republicans, while Donald Trump and the right rushed to blame the president. It seems that we have forgotten who the bad guy is here - and it's not each other.

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