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Jay Bullock is a high school English teacher in Milwaukee, columnist for the Bay View Compass, singer-songwriter and occasional improv comedian.

Recent Articles
 Buzz - January 30, 2017
 This American Carnage
 For this week's column, Jay Bullock takes over transcribing duties for "This American Carnage," which takes a look at the current political climate and "the forgotten men and women of our country."
 Buzz - January 17, 2017
 Why would a man with Obamacare celebrate the end of the ACA?
 Cognitive dissonance is what happens when you have conflicting information streams mingling in your brain. It's also a part of the reason why people with ACA coverage are excited for the repeal of Obamacare and other conflicting political opinions.
 Buzz - January 10, 2017
 In defense of governing
 There's an old political cliché: Republicans campaign claiming government doesn't work and then prove it once elected. I'm pretty sure 2017 will see that cliché proven true over and over again, to the detriment of everyone.
 Buzz - December 20, 2016
 On calendar change, it's time for Milwaukee to stand with MPS
 Last week, a committee of the Milwaukee Board of School Directors voted to make a seismic change to the way it approaches high schools and middle schools. The rest of Milwaukee needs to get behind this effort with vocal (not to mention monetary) support.
 Buzz - December 14, 2016
 Politicians' letters to Santa
 Through a surprise "reply all" error, we here at OnMilwaukee were accidentally emailed a trove of letters to Santa Claus. We have sorted through them, like WikiLeaks, and have selected several to publish. Consider it our present to you, readers!
 Buzz - December 7, 2016
 My last Trump column: On the president-elect's ignorant mediocrity
 For Jay's final Trump column (until It Becomes Real), he dives into some armchair psychology, claiming Donald Trump is perhaps this century's single best example of Dunning-Kruger Effect. Take that, Michael Scott from "The Office."
 #RaiseMKE - November 30, 2016
 Face criticism? WILL won't
 Last week, the internet served up a notification that WILL had responded to my complaints. I started reading their post wondering if I might need to lay down a new gauntlet; as it turns out, my old gauntlet is still down, untouched.
 Buzz - November 24, 2016
 "Identity liberalism" isn't the problem; white nostalgia is
 A number of election postmortems from The Professional Left have one thing in common: complaints that Democrats lost because we did not adequately kowtow to white men. But that view is part of the problem, not anything to do with the solution.
 Buzz - November 14, 2016
 On rigged races, the media and Trump's America: Some final election thoughts
 In two short months, Donald Trump will be taking the oath of office, his tiny left hand resting (I assume) atop a copy of "The Art of the Deal." Here are three final takeaways from what happened last Tuesday.
 Kids & Family - November 9, 2016
 MPS' Driver comes into her own with bold schools plan
 Last week, MPS unveiled a multifaceted reform plan that, if implemented, would upend two decades of anti-public school sentiment among Wisconsin legislators - and it shows that Dr. Darienne Driver is not just any old MPS superintendent.

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