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Carolynn Buser is one of Milwaukee's loudest and most adamant cheerleaders (don't dare try to disagree). She's the primary voice behind much of's social media, and apologizes in advance if she can be too sarcastic at times.

What else? She's a wine lover, closet trashy novel reader, beauty supplies addict and devourer of cheese (shocker for a Wisconsin born and bred girl, right?). She's also a bit of a foodie, which is a word most of you hate, we know. So, you've probably seen her at one of the area's newest restaurant openings (and yes, she will share her opinions good or bad) or enjoying her newfound love, the Dark and Stormy, at a local pub.

All in all, Carolynn's a believer in positive thinking and will do her best to smack down your negative ones while writing about her city, her loves, quests and more.

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 Buzz - February 11, 2019
 St. Patrick's Day Parade marches into Downtown March 9
 The Shamrock Club of Wisconsin's annual St. Patrick's Day Parade will set off on its march Saturday, March 7, beginning at noon and starting at Wisconsin Avenue and Old World 3rd St. before winding its way through Downtown.
 Movies & TV - January 22, 2019
 Hey Wisconsin, Frankie is back!
 Frankie MacDonald, who has autism, gives a weather warning in boisterous fashion (via YouTube) that I cannot stop smiling at. And, he's back just in time for our first snow event of the season.
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 Living my best life: medi-spa edition
 Living your best life can mean whatever you'd like! This edition takes you into the medi-spa world.
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 The gala that gives a holiday to those most in need
 If you are coming to the Holiday Gala, you are going to be a part of solutions instead of problems. Your gifts are going to give these same families a holiday they may not otherwise have.
 Holiday Guide - December 6, 2018
 Eat this now: O & H eggnog kringle
 Eggnog + kringle? Count me in!

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