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As much as it is a gigantic cliché to say that one has always had a passion for film, Matt Mueller has always had a passion for film. Whether it was bringing in the latest movie reviews for his first grade show-and-tell or writing film reviews for the St. Norbert College Times as a high school student, Matt is way too obsessed with movies for his own good.

When he's not writing about the latest blockbuster or talking much too glowingly about "Piranha 3D," Matt can probably be found watching literally any sport (minus cricket) or working at - get this - a local movie theater. Or watching a movie. Yeah, he's probably watching a movie.

Recent Articles
 Buzz - July 13, 2020
 Common Council approves mask mandate for City of Milwaukee
 The Milwaukee Common Council voted Monday afternoon to approve a mandatory mask ordinance for the City of Milwaukee, in order to slow the ongoing spread of the COVID-19 outbreak.
 #RaiseMKE - July 13, 2020
 Ahead of vote, MKE businesses call on Common Council, mayor to pass mask mandate
 With the Milwaukee Common Council set to vote on a citywide mask ordinance on Monday, more than 80 local businesses and organizations reiterated their support for a mask mandate for public spaces in order to fight the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.
 Movies & TV - July 11, 2020
 100 good movies you can watch on Netflix while stuck at home
 To help your social distancing go as entertainingly as possible, here's a list of 100 good movies - from awesome action flicks to cool choices for children to stellar sports stories and more - you can currently find on Netflix.
 Movies & TV - July 10, 2020
 100 good movies you can watch on Hulu while stuck at home
 To help you find your new favorite movie - or at the very least find you a solid streaming option for your next night in - here are 100 good movies you should check out on Hulu to keep you staying home, staying healthy and staying entertained.
 Movies & TV - July 10, 2020
 Local filmmaker remembers the late great comedy legend Carl Reiner
 Carl Reiner leaves behind an impressive legacy as an entertainer, but also as one of the truly good guys in Hollywood, a person who everyone has a good story to tell and a kind thing to say. One of those people is Milwaukee filmmaker Steve Boettcher.
 Movies & TV - July 10, 2020
 Now showing at MKE Film's Sofa Cinema
 The next time you're looking for an escape from the news and quarantine life, and you've already binge-watched that sitcom beginning to end 17 times, try one of the following Sofa Cinema options.
 Movies & TV - July 10, 2020
 And action! A guide to Wisconsin's drive-in movie theaters
 Now that they've got the green light, we can hopefully expect to roll film on going to the movies again soon. And when that happens, here are several Wisconsin drive-ins still keeping the glorious tradition of movie-going - both retro and current - alive.
 Buzz - July 9, 2020
 Committee passes mask mandate, moves to Common Council for vote next week
 After an almost two hour meeting and discussion, the Public Safety and Health Committee passed a proposed mask mandate for the City of Milwaukee. The ordinance now proceeds to the entire Common Council for approval next week.
 Sports - July 9, 2020
 Brewers release schedule for 2021 season
 The Brewers are already looking ahead to 2021 as the team today released its schedule for next (hopefully normal) season.
 #RaiseMKE - July 9, 2020
 Shorewood passes mask mandate ordinance for indoor public spaces
 In order to stop the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, the seven-person Shorewood Village Board voted unanimously late Wednesday night to pass an ordinance requiring masks in public indoor spaces.

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