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As much as it is a gigantic cliché to say that one has always had a passion for film, Matt Mueller has always had a passion for film. Whether it was bringing in the latest movie reviews for his first grade show-and-tell or writing film reviews for the St. Norbert College Times as a high school student, Matt is way too obsessed with movies for his own good.

When he's not writing about the latest blockbuster or talking much too glowingly about "Piranha 3D," Matt can probably be found watching literally any sport (minus cricket) or working at - get this - a local movie theater. Or watching a movie. Yeah, he's probably watching a movie.

Recent Articles
 Dining - October 12, 2019
 Burning Through Brew City: Sze Chuan's Fei Teng Fish
 But would this brothy beast of a dish truly be a hot pot? Or would this Szechuan specialty merely land in Milwaukee hot territory? Let's dig in on this new Burning Through Brew City stop.
 Sports - October 11, 2019
 Giannis Antetokounmpo is going to be a dad
 This upcoming Bucks season was already set to be a family affair - but here's the most adorable roster update yet: Giannis and girlfriend Mariah Danae Riddlesprigger are expecting a baby!
 Sports - October 9, 2019
 WATCH: What 10 things can't Christian Yelich live without?
 The St. Louis Cardinals won today. So let's distract ourselves by talking about literally anything else - oh, how convenient; here's a fun video starring Christian Yelich listing off stuff he likes! That's much better!
 Movies & TV - October 9, 2019
 First look: Wisconsin's first Movie Tavern by Marcus
 Before it calls "action!" this weekend, however, we got to tour around the eight-screen cineplex and see what makes Movie Tavern by Marcus in Brookfield Square Mall new.
 Sports - October 9, 2019
 Bucks officially unveil new "Fear the Deer" alternate uniforms
 We got an early peek yesterday, but today the Milwaukee Bucks officially revealed the team's new "Fear the Deer" alternate jersey, a "super-charged" version of the team's former black third uniform.
 Movies & TV - October 9, 2019
 5 takeaways from an "Unhinged" episode of "This Is Us"
 "This Is Us" went UNHINGED this week - no, not like that; they just literally unhinged an office door. But much more happened on Tuesday night other than some questionable office design. So let's talk about the episode's five biggest takeaways.
 Sports - October 8, 2019
 Bucks announce 2019-20 dates for Pride Night, Star Wars Night and more
 To help get even more excited for this highly anticipated Milwaukee Bucks season, the team today announced its full schedule of theme and promotional nights for the upcoming year.
 Sports - October 8, 2019
 Miller Park to replace Friday's with new ... Restaurant To Be Named Later?
 Changes to Miller Park were announced today as Friday's Front Row Sports Grill will be replaced by ... Restaurant To Be Named Later. No, really, that's the actual name of the new restaurant.
 Sports - October 8, 2019
 Is this the Milwaukee Bucks' new alternate jersey?
 The Bucks have been teasing on social media a big colorful unveiling on Wednesday, Oct. 9 - more than likely, the team's new alternate uniforms for the 2019-20 season. However it appears it's already made its way online.
 Sports - October 7, 2019
 13 awesome images from the Packers' awesome win over the Cowboys
 Because it was just so much damn fun - and because it's Monday, so we could all use a pick-me-up - let's take one more look back at Sunday's smackdown in Dallas.

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