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As much as it is a gigantic cliché to say that one has always had a passion for film, Matt Mueller has always had a passion for film. Whether it was bringing in the latest movie reviews for his first grade show-and-tell or writing film reviews for the St. Norbert College Times as a high school student, Matt is way too obsessed with movies for his own good.

When he's not writing about the latest blockbuster or talking much too glowingly about "Piranha 3D," Matt can probably be found watching literally any sport (minus cricket) or working at - get this - a local movie theater. Or watching a movie. Yeah, he's probably watching a movie.

Recent Articles
 Sports - January 21, 2020
 J.J. Watt to host "Saturday Night Live" in February because sure, why not
 Pewaukee native J.J. Watt is a very talented guy. But can he act - and is he funny? America will find out next month when the football star hosts "Saturday Night Live" on Feb. 1.
 Music - January 21, 2020
 You've been warned: Nickelback will perform at the Amp this summer
 Our supposedly friendly neighbors to the north will sully our summer once again by sending us their most dubious import: Nickelback, which will perform at the American Family Insurance Amphitheater on Thursday, Aug. 27.
 Movies & TV - January 21, 2020
 "The Bachelor" recap: Peter throws a very lame pool party
 "The Bachelor" delivered a tedious episode Monday night in which two people I've never heard of before had generic bickerings at the world's worst pool party. Not even the return of Demi could salvage matters.
 Sports - January 20, 2020
 Who and what is featured at the Bucks' Milwaukee Mondays game tonight?
 In case a title-contending team somehow isn't enough to get you down to Fiserv Forum, the Bucks have something extra special to get you in the arena for their spat against the Chicago Bulls: the return of Milwaukee Mondays.
 Sports - January 20, 2020
 9 memorable images from a Packers game we'd all rather forget
 It wasn't all bad on Sunday night ... OK, it was about 97 percent bad. But here are a few of the more memorable moments and images from an ugly game we'll choose to never remember.
 Bars & Clubs - January 20, 2020
 Splash Studio feels the love, will turn into Valentine's Day pop-up Cupid Studio
 Love is in the air - and on your canvas at Splash Studio, which will feel the love in particular this Valentine's Day with a new pop-up: Cupid Studio, Jan. 31 through Feb. 23 at the East Side painting bar.
 Bars & Clubs - January 18, 2020
 15 places to watch the Packers in the NFC Championship
 To help you find your escape from the snow - and hopefully a Sunday night to celebrate for years to come - here are more than a dozen bars around the city doing something a little extra special for this special game.
 Buzz - January 18, 2020
 Packers vs. 49ers: Who has the better famous fans?
 There's been a lot to discuss, debate and analyze in the lead-up to the massive Packers-Niners clash on Sunday. But what about the most important question: Who's got the better famous fans?
 Movies & TV - January 17, 2020
 Where to watch the 2020 Oscar nominees
 With Monday morning's nominations, the march to the 2020 Oscars has officially begun. And with that comes the only good homework that's ever existed: seeing the nominated films and performances before we learn the actual winners on Sunday, Feb. 9.
 Dining - January 17, 2020
 Stock up: 9 great Milwaukee soup places to help stay warm this winter
 Nothing warms the soul on a skin-slappingly cold day like a good soup. And considering Wisconsin tends to take the brunt of mother nature's various polar vortexes and thunder-snows, good soup of all varieties is thankfully not hard to find.

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