Eric Paulsen

Eric Paulsen is a Milwaukee native but also grew up in Chicago, Detroit and Dallas, which means heís never lived in a decent climate. Paulsen works as the Communications Officer for the Greater Milwaukee Committee, serves as a writer and contributor for commercials and a national TV show and pops up on 103.7 Kiss FM on weekends, doing his share of overplaying Top 40 hits. Previously, he was a business partner and director in a start-up online research company that began in 1998 and reached the Inc. 500 list by 2005. He was an early contributing writer for, dating back to 1999. He got his MBA from UW-Milwaukee in 2007 and also holds a BS in Consumer Science (a degree he canít explain, either) from UW-Madison and thus cheers on the Badgers with reckless abandon. Eric is a graduate of the Future Milwaukee Leadership Program and participates in many community-minded events and initiatives, invited or not. When heís not working, Paulsen enjoys running, road trips and practicing for a future career as a beer connoisseur.

Recent Articles
 Living - November 28, 2010
 Talking beer, carbs and calories
 Sure, we disregard our diets during the Thanksgiving holiday. It happens when a bountiful harvest of turkey and trimming sits before us. But while we may blow off the calories at the dinner table, how about when we're at the bar? Eric Paulsen has the rundown of just what that cold one is doing to your body.
 Living - December 26, 2009
 Remember how different things were just six weeks ago?
 Blogger Eric Paulsen reflects on how time flies as he remembers how different things were just six weeks ago.
 Marketplace - May 28, 2009
 Getting up to speed on old school beer commercials
 While playing Tone Loc's "Funky Cold Medina" recently, I thought about the lyrics. Frankly, today's youth need an old school beer commercial education. Here it is.
 Dining - February 18, 2009
 Rejected by two fast food places
 Eric Paulsen writes about his recent rejection at two fast food stops. Maybe it's a sign that he should be eating healthier.
 Sports - June 14, 2007
 Guide to doing the wave at Miller Park (aka Camp Randall East)
 Like many trends, doing the wave never fully lost its popularity in Wisconsin, so hey, if we're going to perpetuate the stereotype, let's at least keep it interesting.
 Buzz - May 17, 2005
 Milwaukee Talks: Jerry Taff
 Two milestones -- 25 years at one station and retirement from an illustrious broadcasting career spanning more than 40 years -- are coming together for veteran Milwaukee anchorman Jerry Taff. As he prepares for his final broadcast next week, he sat down to talk with OMC.
 Travel & Visitors Guide - May 13, 2005
 Stand-up guys and gals: A guide to some of Milwaukee's statues
 While the most famous statue in Wisconsin is probably "Honest Abe", sitting atop Bascom Hall on the UW-Madison campus, waiting -- according to lore -- for that virgin to walk by so he can stand up, Milwaukee has a few sculptural tributes of note, too. Here are some of them.
 Buzz - April 6, 2005
 Online petition aims to diversify Milwaukee talk radio
 Have you found that listening to talk radio in Milwaukee means you're hearing a lot from the "right" and not much from the "left" side of your speakers? Scott Stearns has an opportunity for you to make your voice heard.
 Bars & Clubs - February 10, 2005
 Early opener bars please third-shift partiers
 Up all night? Prefer to sleep in the afternoon? Work third shift, perhaps? Most of the time, bars open at 10 a.m. or later. But if you just have to party at the break of dawn, there are some bars in the area that are happy to serve you early.
 Arts & Entertainment - January 5, 2005
 Safe House open mic gets laughs for amateurs
 Besides our politicians and sports teams being a joke, there are real comedians who've used Brew City as a crutch in their careers. And wannabe-comedians on the prowl for stardom can test their material at the Newsroom Pub's open mic night.

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