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Doug Russell has been covering Milwaukee and Wisconsin sports for over 20 years on radio, television, magazines, and now at

Over the course of his career, the Edward R. Murrow Award winner and Emmy nominee has covered the Packers in Super Bowls XXXI, XXXII and XLV, traveled to Pasadena with the Badgers for Rose Bowls, been to the Final Four with Marquette, and saw first-hand the entire Brewers playoff runs in 2008 and 2011. Doug has also covered The Masters, several PGA Championships, MLB All-Star Games, and Kentucky Derbys; the Davis Cup, the U.S. Open, and the Sugar Bowl, along with NCAA football and basketball conference championships, and for that matter just about anything else that involves a field (or court, or rink) of play.

Doug was a sports reporter and host at WTMJ-AM radio from 1996-2000, before taking his radio skills to national syndication at Sporting News Radio from 2000-2007. From 2007-2011, he hosted his own morning radio sports show back here in Milwaukee, before returning to the national scene at Yahoo! Sports Radio last July. Doug's written work has also been featured in The Sporting News, Milwaukee Magazine, Inside Wisconsin Sports, and Brewers GameDay.

Doug and his wife, Erika, split their time between their residences in Pewaukee and Houston, TX.

Recent Articles
 Sports - October 31, 2012
 What makes a hero?
 In baseball, where statistics are such a vital element of the fabric of the sport, some of the game's best players not only served during wartime, but in some cases had several of their prime playing years interrupted when wars broke out overseas. Their sense of loyalty and duty to country far outweighed whatever statistics they may have lost.
 Sports - October 24, 2012
 The mighty fall hard
 After UCI chief Pat McQuaid asserted, ''Lance Armstrong has no place in cycling, and he deserves to be forgotten in cycling,'' one of sport's most epic falls from grace was complete. The details of the USADA's case against Armstrong showed a wanton disregard for the rules in what was described as "the most sophisticated, professionalized and successful doping program that sport had ever seen."
 Sports - October 17, 2012
 The Jermichael problem
 Finley Island only exists in fantasy land. Back here in the real world players have to understand their role and accept it. In Green Bay, Jermichael Finley needs to realize that he will never win in the court of public opinion so long as he continues his diatribe over the state's most popular athlete.
 Sports - October 10, 2012
 Green and going?
 Dyed in the wool Bucks fans are understandably upset. They are not the problem. The problem is that the rest of the populace is becoming increasingly apathetic as to whether or not we even have a team at all.
 Sports - October 3, 2012
 The envelopes, please...
 One year ago, Ryan Braun was rightfully awarded the National League's MVP based on numbers that warranted it as well as the Brewers inclusion in the autumnal soirée known as MLB's playoffs. But what of this season?
 Sports - September 26, 2012
 Commissioner gone AWOL
 Where has Roger Goodell been in all of this? Dismissive memo aside, Goodell has been unacceptably silent on all of this. His league is crashing down all around him and the once-respected leader of North America's favorite sport is nowhere to be found. The NFL not only does not have any referees, the league has no voice.
 Sports - September 19, 2012
 Enough is enough
 NFL owners - i.e. Roger Goodell - are arguing over nothing more than wounded pride as Rome is burning all around them because of the disaster known as replacement officials.
 Sports - September 12, 2012
 Is one loss the end of the world? Sure, why not?
 Calling for Mike McCarthy, Ted Thompson, Doug Melvin and Ron Roenicke to be fired? Good ... keep it coming!
 #RaiseMKE - September 5, 2012
 Are you ready for some football?
 Arrogance and complacency has been replaced by a renewed sense of determination, anxious to prove that 2010's league championship was not a fluke, but rather just the signal to the rest of football that they were a juggernaut to be reckoned with.
 Sports - August 29, 2012
 Immortality awaits, but for whom?
 This week, two Milwaukee sports icons are in the news for the highest honor one can have bestowed upon them.

Recent Podcasts
Sports - September 19, 2012
 FOX football officiating insider Mike Pereira on the NFL's referee lockout
The NFL officials continue to be locked out by the league as replacement refs have called into question almost every aspect of the game.'s Doug Russell spoke with former Vice President of NFL officiating Mike Pereira, who now is seen weekly on the NFL on FOX to discuss the controversy...
Length: 00:10:07
Sports - July 19, 2012
 The (way) inside story of the Green Bay Packers
Who were the “Hungry Five” and why were they critical to the Packers mere survival? William Povletich tells us this and more in his new book, "Green Bay Packers: Trials, Triumphs, and Tradition."'s Doug Russell reports...
Length: 00:08:32
Sports - June 12, 2012
 The Oklahoma City - Milwaukee connection
What does the Oklahoma City Thunder playing in the NBA Finals have to do with the Milwaukee Bucks? More than you might think.'s Doug Russell explains...
Length: 00:15:45
Sports - April 27, 2012
 Packers select USC's Nick Perry in the NFL Draft
The Packers hope they have addressed their most glaring need from the 2011 season by acquiring pass-rush specialist Nick Perry from USC with their first-round selection in Thursday night's NFL Draft.'s Doug Russell reports...
Length: 00:02:21
Sports - February 24, 2012
 Ryan Braun press conference, Feb 24, 2012
Milwaukee Brewers star Ryan Braun met the media at Maryvale Baseball Park Friday to discuss his positive test for performance enhancing drugs.
Length: 00:24:39
Sports - February 8, 2012
 Michael Redd returns to Milwaukee
For the first time since his contract expired, Michael Redd returned to the Bradley Center with his new team, the Phoenix Suns.'s Doug Russell reports...
Length: 00:02:54
Sports - January 23, 2012
 Ryan Braun, an innocent man?
National televison and radio broadcaster Dan Patrick had some news about what he learned in regards to Ryan Braun's positive drug test.'s Doug Russell reports (audio courtesy of DirecTV)
Length: 00:02:42
Sports - January 19, 2012
 McCarthy reflects on 2011 season
Late Wednesday afternoon, Packers coach Mike McCarthy met the media for one final time during the 2011 football season.'s Doug Russell reports from Green Bay...
Length: 00:02:47
Sports - January 16, 2012
 Giants 37, Packers 20
The Packers season ended with a whimper rather than a bang Sunday evening at Lambeau Field, as Green Bay fell to the New York Giants 37-20 in the Divisional round of the NFC PLayoffs.'s Doug Russell reports from Green Bay...
Length: 00:02:54
Sports - January 13, 2012
 Packers vs. Giants - Playoff preview
The Packers and Giants are going through their final preparations for Sunday's playoff matchup at Lambeau Field.'s Doug Russell reports...
Length: 00:03:15