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Lori Fredrich

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Lori Fredrich (Lo) is an eater, writer, wonderer, bon vivante, traveler, cook, gardener and girlwonder. Born and raised in the Milwaukee area, she has tried to leave many times, but seems to be drawn to this quirky city that smells of beer and alewives.

Some might say that she is a little obsessed with food. Lo would say she is A LOT obsessed with food. After all, she has been cooking, eating and enjoying food for decades and has no plans to retire anytime soon. 

Lo's recipes and writing have been featured in a variety of publications including GO: Airtran Inflight Magazine, Cheese Connoisseur, Cooking Light, Edible Milwaukee, Milwaukee Magazine and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, as well as on the blog Go Bold with Butter, the web site Wisconsin Cheese Talk, and in the quarterly online magazine Grate. Pair. Share.

Recent Articles
 Dining - July 26, 2017
 Fried chicken, mac and cheese on the docket for Hot Head Chicken Bay View
 It's a great time to be a fried chicken lover in Milwaukee. In fact, the fried chicken scene, which includes favorites like The Tandem and Merriment Social, will get even better later this summer when Bumstead Provisions takes on a new identity as Hot Head Chicken.
 Bars & Clubs - July 26, 2017
 Centro owners to open Bar Centro in Riverwest
 Riverwest will soon have a new place to gather. There's a new bar opening at 804 E. Center St. in the former home of the Peoples Books Co-Operative. And it could open to the public as soon as October.
 Dining - July 26, 2017
 Downtown food trucks: Your guide to mobile eats every day of the week
 The trickiest part of grabbing your meal from a food truck is determining where you're going to find one. Fortunately, we've got your number. This guide is tailor-made to be your go-to for where to find great food trucks in Downtown Milwaukee any day of the week.
 Dining - July 25, 2017
 3 dishes: Kenneth Hardiman of Mason Street Grill
 In this series, we ask chefs to recommend three dishes that embody the best of what they offer. In this edition, we talk with Mason Street Grill's new executive chef, Kenneth Hardiman, about his take on some classic dishes from the restaurant's menu.
 Festival Guide - July 24, 2017
 You pick: Which new Wisconsin State Fair foods should we try?
 There appears to be a variety of themes among the new dishes being offered at the Wisconsin State Fair - from new breakfast items, to bacon, unicorns and even (erp!) bugs. But, which ones should Lori Fredrich, our dining editor, try and review this year?
 Dining - July 24, 2017
 Jow Nai Fouquet announces September closing
 Jow Nai Fouquet, the East Side restaurant specializing in fare from southern Thailand, has announced that it will be closing its doors sometime this September.
 Bars & Clubs - July 22, 2017
 Weekly Sips with Thirsty Passport: Braise Restaurant
 I'm enamoured of grabbing a quick bite at the Braise Bar. There's plenty to love about the welcoming space where the bartenders are friendly and knowledgeable and there's always something interesting to nibble. It's even better when I've got a two-for-one deal in my pocket.
 Dining - July 21, 2017
 On the Burger Trail: The Mc Dot at Red Dot Tosa
 Red Dot might be famous for its poutine (and that's a worthy reason to visit). But what about the burgers? We found out this week with a visit to the neighborhood bar in East Tosa.
 Dining - July 20, 2017
 Eat cake! A peek at Molly's Cafe & Pastry Shop, which opens Saturday
 July 22 happens to be Pastry Chef Molly Sullivan's birthday. It's also the day on which her dream of opening a cafe comes true. So, when you pay your first visit to Miss Molly's Cafe & Pastry Shop, ordering a piece of cake is absolutely the right thing to do.
 Dining - July 20, 2017
 La Plancha Honduran restaurant to open on Historic Mitchell Street
 La Plancha is slated to open on Historic Mitchell Street this fall. La Plancha, which means "the iron" in Spanish, will serve a combination of familiar Latin American fare, as well as Honduran specialties including baleadas, papusas and torrejas.

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