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Lori Fredrich (Lo) is an eater, writer, wonderer, bon vivante, traveler, cook, gardener and girlwonder. Born and raised in the Milwaukee area, she has tried to leave many times, but seems to be drawn to this quirky city that smells of beer and alewives.

Some might say that she is a little obsessed with food. Lo would say she is A LOT obsessed with food. After all, she has been cooking, eating and enjoying food for decades and has no plans to retire anytime soon. 

Lo's recipes and writing have been featured in a variety of publications including GO: Airtran Inflight Magazine, Cheese Connoisseur, Cooking Light, Edible Milwaukee, Milwaukee Magazine and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, as well as on the blog Go Bold with Butter, the web site Wisconsin Cheese Talk, and in the quarterly online magazine Grate. Pair. Share.

Recent Articles
 Dining - January 27, 2020
 On the (Veggie) Burger Trail: The Classic Burger at Urban Beets
 If anyone serves up a great veggie burger, I'd expect it to be a restaurant dedicated to plant-based fare. Fortunately, a growing number of eateries catering to the veg-set have cropped up over the past five or so years, so there were a number from which to choose. On this trip, I chose Urban Beets, a venue which opened its first location in 2015.
 Dining - January 26, 2020
 52 restaurants for your bucket list, 2020
 In 2020, I'd beseech you to take the time to diversify. And to guide you on your journey, I've comprised a list of 52 restaurants (in random order) that should be on your Milwaukee restaurant bucket list.
 Dining - January 24, 2020
 Thank Cod it's Fryday: State Fair Inn
 In this series, we're on the hunt for some of the area's best fish fries. You'll find commentary, pro tips and ratings of the three staples of a classic Wisconsin fry: namely the fish, the potato pancakes, and the classic Wisconsin style brandy old fashioned.
 Dining - January 24, 2020
 Mobay Cafe owner aims to highlight diversity of Caribbean isles
 It might be snowing now. But a Caribbean breeze is due to sweep into Walker's Point fairly soon. That's because a new restaurant called Mobay Cafe is slated to open as soon as March.
 Dining - January 23, 2020
 Flourchild to bring fresh new pizza concept to Milwaukee Street
 A new concept is on its way to Downtown Milwaukee, and it promises to offer a unique take on one of the city's favorite dishes: pizza.
 Dining - January 23, 2020
 Help fight Kennedy's Disease at Dim Sum + Give Some gala on March 24
 For the second year running, Chefs Dan Jacobs and Dan Van Rite of JVR Hospitality Group have announced that they will be hosting their second Dim Sum + Give Some gala to benefit the Kennedy's Disease Association.
 Dining - January 22, 2020
 FoodCrush Podcast: Jarvis Williams & AnneMarie Sims talk MPS ProStart
 In 2016, Milwaukee Public Schools implemented ProStart, a nationally recognized culinary arts track for high school students that aimed to change the trajectory for students, offer them valuable life skills and prepare them for future jobs in the service industry. On this week's podcast, we chat with two key players who keep the program running at Bay View High School.
 Bars & Clubs - January 22, 2020
 More changes on Jefferson Street: Plum Lounge to close
 The face of Jefferson Street is changing once again. Today, Mazen Muna announced that he will be closing Plum Lounge, 780 N. Jefferson St.
 Dining - January 22, 2020
 Fresh seafood is at the fore at Jin's Sushi Seafood & Bar in Greenfield
 Jin's Sushi Seafood & Bar opened quietly last week in Greenfield, offering curious neighborhood diners a menu featuring "endless sushi and seafood" in an upscale environment.
 Dining - January 21, 2020
 Get a taste of Lao cooking at upcoming SapSap pop-up at Crossroads Collective
 Lao food from SapSap will be the showcase of an upcoming pop-up at the Crossroads Collective food hall.

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