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2018 Milwaukee holiday events guide Image

2018 Milwaukee holiday events guide

This holiday season, whether you want to find something to do with the whole family, if you want to indulge in a delicious treat and a drink, or if you're looking for a local show to catch, there's something for you to do in Milwaukee, a city in which has its fair share of traditions worth keeping.

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Hands-on at "Power On"
Discovery World opened its "Power On" energy exhibit in late October and it's full on interactive fun. While it's true that some of the hands-on activities in the "Power On" exhibit will literally shock you, none of them will hurt you.
Black Friday promos
Thanks to the craft beer boom, new brew releases and beer events on Black Friday have become as ubiquitous as sales at the mall (and, frankly, much tastier). So we've made the rounds, gathered the data and created this handy guide for your beer-swilling Black Friday (and Thanksgiving weekend) enjoyment.
St. Michael's Church
As a fan of the work of architects Schnetzky & Liebert, exploring St. Michael's Catholic Church has long been on my wish list. Recently, in advance of the 175th anniversary celebrations - slated for November, details are here - of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, I got that chance.
Chicago history
Here are a few suggestions for places and experiences that can help open up Chicago history even on a brief visit. Of course, there are many other museums, tours and other options, but this should get you moving. Click the links to see related stories about quick trips to the Windy City.