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Koz's Mini Bowl
There are some places that we just can't imagine losing - though, of course, many such classics have disappeared over the years - and Koz's Mini Bowl, 2078 S. 7th St., on the South Side is surely one of them.
St. Paul and The BB
St Paul & The Broken Bones are packing up their horns, ironing their suits, and making their way to The Pabst Theater this Sunday, March 24th.
4 Fun Cocktails @ Don's
Any number of cocktails (like the Crockpot Old Fashioned) draw folks to Don's Diner & Cocktails. But trust us when we say there are more where that came from. Take these four offerings, for instance.
Schlitz Malt House turret
One perk of my job is that when I go places, folks who know my Urban Spelunking series are not only willing, but even eager, to take me to rarely visited spaces. Like when I was invited up to scale the turret atop the former Schlitz Malt House, now MPS' Golda Meir School upper campus.