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1 p.m. at Thelma Sadoff Center of the Arts

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If you've ever lingered at the stoplight where Forest Home meets Oklahoma Avenue, you may have spied the sign for Una Cafe, a tiny corner bar with a loyal clientele and a reputation for its vibrant, welcoming ambiance.
Summerfest 50
From a de-comissioned missile site to the worlds largest music festival, Milwaukee made Summerfest, and Summerfest has helped shape Milwaukee.
I-794 freeway melody
Recently, my friend Meaghan Heinrich - of the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music - asked if I knew what the song was engraved into a concrete wall at the I-794 freeway ramp just outside the Summerfest grounds. I said, I didn't know it, but maybe if she hummed it for me...
Summerfest 1971 video
Milwaukee photographer Bob Cavallo shot a lot of concerts over the years. He also shot film at Summerfest 1971.