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Where to eat & drink
The Milwaukee Film Festival kicks off on Thursday and, unless you want to subsist for days on theater popcorn, Whoppers and bad nachos, it's probably worth your time to think about where you'll dine before and after your trips to the movies.
Fairgrounds Coffee & Tea
Fairgrounds Coffee & Tea will open its doors to the public, debuting its first Wisconsin cafe in the Yankee Hill Neighborhood, on Wednesday, Oct. 23.
Andy Grammer
Hitmaker Andy Grammer is bringing his catchy tunes to Turner Hall Ballroom this Monday, Oct 21st. Learn why you shouldn't miss it!
Three Brothers
The stories of Milwaukee's longest-lived and most iconic restaurants are, like the story of the city itself - and, indeed, of the United States - are the stories of immigrants. Nowhere is that more apparent than at Three Brothers in Bay View.