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Built in Milwaukee
We return to Karl Bandow's archive of vintage Ray Szopieray images to share with you the construction of some familiar Brew City landmarks. Enjoy these images of Milwaukee as its skyline changed in the past.
St. Mary's Hill Hospital
A few years ago I was lucky enough to walk most of the tunnel that connects the St. Joseph Convent complex to related buildings to the west, including the former St. Mary's Hill Hospital, 1445 S. 32nd St., which sits perched atop a hill that fills an entire city block, surrounded by a fence. Now, I got to see the rest of it.
Club Garibaldi
The current Club Garibaldi building dates to 1907 - or so it seems. But the site's tavern history goes back further than that and, as you'll see, that history is both interesting and quite colorful.
Brewery Tour Guide
Milwaukee is getting more and more breweries and tours every day. Here is your guide to where, when, how much they cost and, most importantly, how much beer you get!