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Ultimate Beer Guide
We've scoured Henry Maier Festival Park to bring you the ultimate guide to beer at Summerfest. Using our handy list, you can find the beer you're craving anywhere on the grounds, or even check out the selection at individual venues.
Lakefront's firkin taps
Craft beer lovers have reason to be stoked for their next trip to Summerfest. After all, Lakefront Brewery will once again host the daily firkin tapping at its tent at the Big Gig. You won't want to miss a peek at the unique beers they will be tapping.
Summerfest 50
From a de-comissioned missile site to the worlds largest music festival, Milwaukee made Summerfest, and Summerfest has helped shape Milwaukee.
I-794 freeway melody
Recently, my friend Meaghan Heinrich - of the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music - asked if I knew what the song was engraved into a concrete wall at the I-794 freeway ramp just outside the Summerfest grounds. I said, I didn't know it, but maybe if she hummed it for me...