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Pools guide
It's a good time to remind you that the Milwaukee County Parks System has a great selection of water-based recreational opportunities, including public pools. And whether you test the waters first or jump right in, check out our public pool guide.
David Barnett Gallery
It's difficult to imagine how Prospect Avenue on the lower East Side once looked, lined on both sides with stately 19th century mansions. But, thankfully, at least a few examples survive to give us an idea. One of the loveliest is 1875 Italianate home, at 1024 E. State St., that has been home to the David Barnett Gallery for nearly 35 years.
Author Louis Hughes
Louis Hughes, author of the 1897 memoir, "Thirty Years a Slave," spent decades in Milwaukee, where his book was published and where he had been well-known.Why don't more of us know about him?
Cartier-Bresson in MKE
There are many, many reasons to celebrate the Brewers' amazing run this season and postseason - many of you are likely queued up right now to get your free Webb burger! - but one of the most amazing to me is that I learned that French photography maestro Henri Cartier-Bresson came to Milwaukee in 1957.