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Christmas switches
I love Christmas time, and since the day is only a few days away I wanted to share a few festive Milwaukee neon signs that always make me smile.
North Avenue Grill
North Avenue Grill is a haven for scratch-made diner style fare. So we figured they'd be a good bet for a stop on the Burger Trail. Turns out the house favorite burger is a half-pound patty topped with bacon, cheese, onion strings and a tangy horsey sauce. And it was a treat.
Jodi Janisse-Kanzenbach
"Like most people, my first tattoos came out of rebellion," notes Chef Jodi Janisse-Kanzenbach of Cafe Soeurette in West Bend. "But, it's really turned into an appreciation for the art and the designs that the artists create."
Italian-born NFL'ers
If you've been outside the U.S. you know that despite whatever the NFL might say, finding someone with an even passing interest in American football isn't always easy. That is, unless you go to Italy and bump into Fausto Batella, who has a new book out.