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Sculptor to painter, Pfister Artist-in-Residence program changes hands

In 2009, the Pfister created the "Artist-in-Residence" program, giving one Wisconsin area artist a chance to become a part of the rich artistic history within the Pfister for one year. Each April 1st, a new artist moves into the studio/gallery on the 1st floor of the Pfister, working hand-in-hand with the hotel staff to provide a unique experience for guests and visitors of the hotel. During their residency at the Pfister, artists create pieces for a new collection, influenced by the hotel and it's guests. At the end of the artists stay, they donate one piece to the hotel's permanent collection.

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Sculptor to painter, Pfister Artist-in-Residence program changes hands
Spreading the Word to End the Word at UW-Milwaukee

Spreading the Word to End the Word at UW-Milwaukee

Students gathered in the Union Concourse March 4 to make the pledge to "Spread the Word to End the Word" and to get their pictures taken afterwards. Tables aligned with piles of shirts containing the phrase "Spread the Word to End the Word" lead the front of this display along with large white boards with [...] The post Spreading the Word to End the Word at UW-Milwaukee appeared first on Media Milwaukee.

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Activist Angela Walker
Angela Walker works for income equality at Wisconsin Jobs Now, but before that, she drove a bus for 14 years, ran for sheriff and volunteered many hours of her time in support of public schools, fair law enforcement and more.
6 products for the sick
It's hard to determine if there's more sickness going around than usual, but it seems like there is. With that in mind, here are six local products that might not completely cure what's ailing you, but might make you feel at least a wee bit better.
Katrina (of the Waves)
Katrina's one of those names in music that doesn't really require a surname. Just say it and people immediately begin singing "Walking on Sunshine." We talked to her as she gears up for her first U.S. solo tour in more than 25 years, which includes a stop at Shank Hall on Friday, April 3.
RNA Facebook surprise
"It was weird," said Riverwest resident Jackson Laternau who made the discovery, "I went onto the Facebook page for our neighborhood association to ask if anybody knew where I could find some ginger root seeds, but the response I got was akin to a cat starting a fight with a sick dog." That nagging suspicion didn't end there.

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